Teaching Kids the Value of a Dollar - And a Penny, Nickel, Dime...

Dec 2, 2010 (Updated Dec 3, 2010)
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Pros:Inexpensive way to promote coin recognition


The Bottom Line: A fun poster to help children learn about coin values.

I don't buy much in our local dollar store, but there are certain things I do, like wrapping paper. When I go in I like to look in their educational aisle. It is there that I found the Teacher Created Resources Money Chart.

What You Get
This glossy poster style chart is 17" X 22" showing the various denominations of American coins and the dollar bill. Along the left is photographs of the front and back of each coin: penny, nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar. Along the right side is a picture equivalencey e.g. 10 pennies equals 1 dime,  4 quarters equals 1 paper dollar. The back of the poster includes four black and white money related activities meant to be photocopied and used in the classroom.

Our Experience
We hung this poster in our son's room since he was our only child who didn't recognize coins and their value. But when Seven started a money unit in school we did take the poster down and make copies of the activities on the back and she really enjoyed completing them. In particular she liked the secret message that required her to total groups of coins and then put the letter associated with that group on a line that corresponds to the total con value. As with all of the worksheets she did in school these coins were drawn instead of pictures of the actual coins. For my son, having pictures of actual coins was and important part of his learning.

Obviously a poster by itself is not going to teach children everything they need to know about money, but it is a good start. My son now recognizes all coins and knows the value of each, which is all he is expected to know according to our kindergarten curriculum. While working with real money is extremely important this poster does help reinforce the basics.

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