Msc International Roundy Egg Ring

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Joie Roundy Egg Ring ~ For Perfect Breakfast Sandwiches

Feb 8, 2012
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Pros:Contains egg with no leaking, egg doesn't stick.

Cons:Handle may interfere with pan cover, not dishwasher safe.

The Bottom Line: Makes perfectly round eggs for breakfast sandwhiches.  Easy to use, egg doesn't stick.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice breakfast sandwich.  I like to use English muffins, so having a perfectly round egg for the sandwich is my preference.  Roundy Egg Ring works like a charm.

~ Product Description
MSC International Joie Roundy Egg Ring is made from flexible silicone, and is heat resistant to 536 degrees Fahrenheit.  The ring has an inside diameter of about 3 ¼”.  There is a plastic handle shaped like an egg that allows you to easily pick up the ring from the pan.  The bottom edge of the ring is flat so it sits evenly on the pan. 

There are no directions on the packaging, other than “Use Roundy’s tab to remove from the pan.”  The packaging notes this is not dishwasher safe.  Although the little egg handle has a face on it, which makes it look a bit like a toy, it is not a toy, and Joie says to keep away from children and pets. 

I found this at TJ Maxx for just $1.99, but it sells for a reasonable $3 to $4 ordinarily.

~ My Experience

This is easy to use – just place on the flat surface of a pan or griddle, and crack an egg into the center of the ring and allow the egg to cook.  Your egg will be perfectly round and thicker than an egg allowed to spread out, which makes for a thicker sandwich.

The concept is simple, but there are a few tips for best results.  First, make sure your pan is hot before cracking the egg into the ring.  Roundy Egg Ring does a good job of containing the raw egg inside the ring with no seepage, but it helps if the pan is hot first. 

I usually put a smidge of butter in the ring, or in the pan, before I break the egg for taste and a bit of lubrication so the egg doesn’t stick to the ring.  Alternatively, you can spray the pan and ring with nonstick spray before cooking.  Using butter the egg doesn’t stick, although I might have to hold the handle and shake the ring a bit to release the egg.

The egg will cook faster if you cover the pan.  Roundy’s handle tab sticks up above the ring by about an inch however, so if your pan is very flat and the cover doesn’t have much of a dome shape, then it’s possible the tab will not allow the cover to fit. 

Another method is to break the yolk of the egg, allow it to cook for a bit, and when well set remove the ring and flip the egg.  This works well if you want a fully cooked yolk and don’t want to bother putting a lid on the pan.

Roundy cleans up easily with hand washing.

~ Final Thoughts
Roundy Egg Ring is great for breakfast sandwiches, and is easy to use.


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