Mabis 18-107-000 Tender Tykes Instant Ear Thermometer (Mabis) Reviews

Mabis 18-107-000 Tender Tykes Instant Ear Thermometer (Mabis)

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Instant Ear Thermometer

Nov 7, 2010
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Pros:Takes one second, 5,000 scans on one battery, comes with a hard case.

Cons:Fairly accurate, registers a fever only over 100.4F (38C).

The Bottom Line: Instant one second read out, no probe covers needed, comes in a hard case, 5,000 scans on one battery, read-out in F or C.

Currently I'm working on a research project in China at several Primary Schools and the one constant when you are around kids is that they get sick.  Last year I introduced my teachers to the concept of taking a kid's temperature with disposable (one use) thermal thermometers.  In the past they've only had one under the arm pit found in the stone-age thermometer which took a good 20 minutes to give any sort of reading.

The thermal thermometers were okay but the biggest issue with them was getting the kids to keep them under their tongues.  I kept that in mind and decided to try another option using an Instant Ear type thermometer and I bought the Mabis.

I picked this one for several reasons, first the price was right, just under $30 at Target, next it didn't require using probe covers just a quick clean with some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide would do the trick.  The readings took only a second and it could be done in either F or C.  It was very easy to read as it had a happy face if no temp and a sad face if the kid was sick. 

I thought the teachers would love the idea that they could get a reading in one second but I found that the learning curve was a little steep.  It's been a few months now and finally they are getting the hang of it. 

The pros of the product are simple, it comes in it's own hard case, and it comes with a quick use guide.  The digital read out is clearly displayed and easy to read.  It will take over 5,000 scans before it needs a new lithium battery. 

The downside of this product is the thermometer should be re-calibrated every 2 years which isn't an issue in the States but could be one outside of the US. 

It is really easy to use as you just push the button on the top of the thermometer and hold for one second then release and if you have no temp then you hear a short beep and see a readout in F of C with a happy face.  However, if you have a temp it will give a long beep and then two short beeps, the read out and a sad face.

One problem with the product is if the temp is below 100.4F (38C) it counts as okay but for our purposes anything above 99F (37.2C) means send the kid home.

Overall it's working out and it's a much better and faster method for taking temps then using an old under the armpit yucky thermometer.

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