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Magic Fragrant Shave Cream 6oz Tube Depilatory (O0300504)

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I think I just rinsed off my scalp

Oct 14, 2009
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Pros:It did remove a little hair

Cons:Massive chemical burns when following directions on bottle!

The Bottom Line: Depilatory creams are alkali chemicals that remove hair AND SKIN - use a razor.

The bald head look - not just for black guys anymore.  I personally have been shaving my head for a while now since I first started to battle against gray hair, and then against a receding hairline (and I just turned 27 last month).  I've always been a razor guy, but recently a girlfriend at work turned me onto SoftSheen-Carson's Magic Shave Cream.  She said a couple of African-American guys that she knows use it for their heads, and that it keeps your head soft for days without the irritation of razors.  I figured I'd give it a try, even though everyone's heard the horror stories of depilatory creams (burns, irritation, allergic reactions, etc.).

I will start this review by saying YES, I fillowed the directions.

First off, the night I bought the cream, I did a small test area to make sure I wasn't allergic to the material.  I did a small (quarter-sized) area of my scalp, left it on for about 8 minutes (bottle said leave on 6-9 minutes), wiped it off, and rinsed.  My scalp was smooooooooooth ... oh so smooth.  And no irritation.

Just this morning, I decided to do the whole thing.  I went ahead and, FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS, gave my head a liberal schmear and left it on for the recommended time.  I started to wipe it off with a wet rag (as recommended by the bottle), but the hair didn't come off.  I figured oh well, it's not working as well as it did, let me get the stuff off and get to work.

I hopped in the shower, continued to wipe the stuff off my head, and that's when the burning started.  Just a little at first, more like a hot tingle than an all-out burn.  I started to wipe faster to get the stuff off.  Once the stuff was off, I stood under the water to rinse thoroughly (as the bottle said), and almost hit my knees.  The sensation of each water droplet hitting my scalp was like my head being stabbed with a thousand hot pokers.  It was incredible.  I can't describe it any better.

The stuff is so thick it wouldn't rinse off easily, so I tried a tiny bit of soap.  The moment the soap hit my scalp, I literally almost collapsed to the floor.  I gave up on that and went back to water.

After a solid hour of rinsing (maybe 30 seconds under the water at a time, followed by five minutes of "rest," because it hurt so bad), I finally got out of the shower and patted my now-totally raw head dry, along with the rest of me.  That's when I noticed the rag I was using was a brownish-red, and the back of my head was wet, even though I had just dried off.

You guessed it.  This stuff removed at least two layers of skin along with what little hair it took off, and now the entire back of my head is very lightly bleeding and leaking a lot of lymph fluid (the stuff your body makes when you're hurt).  Immediately I called in to work that I would be out today, and started to Google "depilatory cream chemical burn" to find out if I needed to go to the E.R. or not.

The chills started shortly after, probably from the alkali chemical burn all over my head (depilatory creams, I learned, use alkali chemicals - as in "alkaline batteries" - ever heard that term?).  I applied a small amount of lotion (because now my scalp is as tight as a drum), followed by a very liberal coating of Bacitricin (generic Neosporin ointment). 

Can I just tell you right now that I'm in hell?

I have no idea what went wrong.  I followed the instructions, and now I'm missing work because my scalp is leaking a beatifully colored mixture of fluids in absence of any real skin. 

Can I also say that even though this stuff says it has a pleasant scent, it still smelled like rotten eggs & brimstone?  That may explain why it burns like hell.

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