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Maglite XL 200, next generation LED flashlight

Mar 26, 2012
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Pros:Compact, on/off with button on butt-end, 5 settings, bright.

Cons:Battery life is not good.  No colored lens that I know of.

The Bottom Line: A bright flashlight by Maglite.  Durable and strong, and boy is it bright.

This is a newish flashlight that mimics some of the features found on the third party LED upgrade kits for the mini-maglites. It has a push button on the back that turns it on. It has 5 settings. It is very easy to use and easy to grasp. It also has a very bright light for its size. While it is a purchase for something to review, I am very happy with the purchase. It will be used quite a bit.

I have plenty of flashlights now. Been collecting LED flashlights and modifying my incandescent mini Maglite to be LED. I have seen the XL for a little while and I was impressed with the luminosity number. But I saw no reason to buy it. But I finally gave in because of how bright this is.

One reason I like this design so much is it has a push button on the back. This is just more convenient that twisting the front cap and a feature I wish they put on their brand new Mini Maglite Pro. The rear back button is a feature I have on some of my modified mini Maglites and I prefer using these over the regular Maglites. I love this method of control because it only requires 1 hand, not two because normal Maglites require you to twist the front. The button is recessed so it won’t accidentally turn on if it falls or is hit by an object. Another nice feature.

The one thing that turned me off initially was the diameter of the flashlight. Sure it was shorter but I didn’t think I would like the width. It did seem too wide at first sight. After using it I was actually very pleased with how it felt in my hand. It wasn’t too big. It was easy to grasp. It had ridges for added friction. A very good design that I found very easy to hold and use. Easier to grasp in my hand than the standard AA mini Maglite.

The weight is just slight less than the mini maglite, but just barely. It will not be a problem for anyone to use.

The wide profile means they can change the battery profile. This accepts 3 AAA batteries in a plastic holder, which comes out. The first time I tried to remove the batteries I found it fairly difficult, but after 3-4 times of switching alkaline and rechargeable batteries in and out, it softened up greatly so it was easy to use. You won’t have problems getting batteries out once you break it in.

With the push button on the back, you have access to 5 light settings. To get to those you have to press the button quickly 1-5 times in a row.
1 time gives you the normal light.
2 times gives you Strobe.
3 times gives you Night light.
4 times gives you a signal mode.
5 times gives you an SOS signal.

I found the night light to be weird. The light slowly dimmed on you when it was perfectly still. If you moved it then the light went back on. I don’t know why I need this, but I’m sure someone does.

The quality of the light beam itself is not as good as some of my other Maglites. It is a slight blue. Maybe 5% blue? Not enough of an issue to care about, but something that needs mentioning. But it is no where as blue as my first LED headlamp and early generation LED light beams? Not in the slightest.

Battery life
I used rechargeable batteries for this test because that is what I use in the real world. But because of the poor performance with rechargeable batteries, I will only use alkaline. The box lists 2.5 hours. In 1 hour 15 minutes I noticed that the flashlight was really dying. It would only be useful for walking on a trail or bathroom in a dark campground; but not much else. I would have changed out the batteries at the 2 hour mark if I was camping. At home it would have been replaced at the hour mark.

Durability has never been as issue with my Maglights. Either they get corroded from leaking batteries or I lose them. Also the paint can scratch off but it is a much better paint job than other flashlights I have played with.
I have never had flaking or anything weird like that
I am concerned with the internal plastic battery holder. I feel this is the weakest link. It doesn’t shake around inside and appears solid. But there is a metal spring pin which appears to keep the battery holder in place. If it fails then the whole flashlight fails. The pin does appear solid at this time. But I do feel it is worth mentioning. I wish they had a built in battery holder that could not be taken out.

The flashlight is made with aircraft grade aluminum.

This product is made in America.

Something on my wish-list is for this flashlight to be manufactured using a built in 3.6 volt battery. While it would increase the cost, it would also increase the life of the flashlight when size and weight are factored in. This may be a physical impossibility given the round design, but it is something I wish they had.

Another problem is it does not have lens that can be inserted to make the light red. At least that I know of.

On the box
ultra bright 172 lumens
5 modes
high power

172 lumens
218hours on low

"By the simple "QuickClick" method introduced with our popular Maglite XL50 flashlight, the XL200 lets the user select from five easy-to-access functions. Turn on with 1 Quick Click of the tailcoat switch for a steady beam at High Power; 2 QuickClicks for strobe; 3 Quick Clicks for NiteLite mode; 4 for Signal mode; 5 for SOS. Motion-controlled variable power level and blink rate. (see our demo video at
PLUS all of the quality features professionals and consumers expect from a Mag flashlight: Spot-to-Flood focusing; Rugged machined aluminum construction; Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance. Includes 3 AAA premium alkaline batteries. Detailed operation instructions and ten year limited warranty enclosed."

Weight and dimensions

Weight: 4 ounces
Length: 4 3/4 inches
Diameter 1 inch:
Capacity: 3 AAA batteries

A very nice and bright LED flashlight by Maglite. One of the brightest Maglite sells. This is a great compact flashlight for lighting up a room or walking in a dark areas. You will have no complaints with the brightness. In fact it is brighter than my 3 watt maglite and all of my LED mini Maglite conversion kits. A great flashlight made by a great company, just be really to change out the batteries a lot.

© Alan Lake's Kitchen 2012

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