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Major Minerin Creme...Did my legs justice !!!

Feb 24, 2012 (Updated Feb 24, 2012)
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Pros:Made a believer out of me. No more pulse dopplers scans for me.

Cons:External use only. Avoid eye contact and keep out of reach of children.

The Bottom Line: I was very surprised and taken by the performance of this creme and how fast it works and how long it lasts.

It was a very somber Christmas last year with me having both a cardiac and respiratory attacks on the operating table trying to get all my teeth pulled. After six days of being in an induced coma they woke me up. My legs and feet were so swollen from my venous insufficiency, they shipped me out to a rehabilitation center/nursing home. When I arrived there I asked if there was anything that they could do, at home I would sweat my legs and feet in cotton, then plastic wrap and then a large ace bandage. She came back into my room with this white jar of Major Minerin Crème.

Before she applied the crème she washed both my legs and feet in a no rinse body cleanser. I opened the jar of the Major Minerin Creme while she was cleaning me up and it has no smell to it. She took it from me and applied little over a third of the jar on both legs until they were completely white. She instructed me not to move much until this therapeutic moisturizing crème sunk into my pours. Within 20 minutes of her massaging my legs and the crème settling in I felt a gentle coolness in my legs. Another nurse’s aide repeated the same procedure after dinner that night and within two days my legs were feeling much better  The swelling was down to it’s bare minimal like they are today and they feel great.

The best thing about this crème it makes the dead skin on my legs easier to exfoliate because of my venous insufficiency. After I exfoliate, turn around time is about eight to ten days before I have to do it over again. But I’m so extremely happy that I don’t have to sweat my legs anymore because this crème restored a protective barrier on my skin. This crème is recommended for people with bad cases of eczema and psoriasis. The rich emollients keep my skin soft and help soothe my problem areas on my feet. I know when it’s time to reapply,  because the heat will generate in my feet first.


Overall after researching this crème that it is highly recommended over Eucerin Cream because it keeps those areas moisturized longer. My next two jars were ordered from the Internet. Prices do range from $5.99 a jar when on sale to $9.99 regularly priced for a sixteen ounce jar. It covers your skin like a crème should and you can’t really tell that it has mineral oil or waxes in the foundation and after 20 minutes you’ll see the difference in your skin. Anyone need two six inch Ace bandages, mine are just gathering dust now!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Also special thanks to Shantel for adding this product to the database
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