A Story of Domestic Violence and Love!

Oct 10, 2009
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Pros:Grace Adams, Charles MacKenzie, David her attorney and Molly her psychologist and her children

Cons:None that I could tell.

The Bottom Line: For a great book...read Danielle Steel's "Malice".  It's a real eye opener.

Believe it or not, I do read books! The lack of cable helped that immensely!  I love Danielle Steel’s books.  She always writes her novels with a twist of tragedy in one form or another and ends them with her main character falling in love.

This was true in her novel, Malice.  I opened the book and instantly found myself drawn in.  Every time I start one of her novels, I can’t stop reading and have a hard time putting it down to finish another day.  My attention is captivated by her ability to keep my attention from the beginning to the end.

This novel starts out with Grace Adams, at the age of 17 years old, with a terminally ill mother, prominent father lawyer and a black secret that is four years long.

She pictures Grace as a beautiful woman dressed in loose big clothing.  Now, it didn’t clue me here that she had been covering up a black secret.  I personally love loose fitting clothes, because of my “full figure” size.  But, Grace was a very nice trim well balanced woman that hid her beauty behind loose baggy clothes. 

Okay, I am wondering why a young adult would want to hide herself behind loose fitting clothes, and just when I hadn’t figured it out, Danielle widens my eyes.  Grace’s mother loses her battle to cancer.  The funeral goes like it should and then it is just Grace and her Father.  Hmmmm….still not thinking, she’s going to be raped by her prominent father, because this is not a usual thing nowadays, but it does happen. 

Danielle takes me to the night of Grace’s final raping and beatings; and the ultimate death of her father.  I felt sorry for Grace.  No young woman deserves to go through this kind of violence and then have to carry the pain with her for the rest of her life without some kind of intervention.  With both parents dead, Grace has no reason to live, gets arrested, and charged with manslaughter and serves 2 years in prison.  I wonder how true to date that these kinds of events happen in today’s time. 

Danielle brings her main character, Grace Adams, from despair and pain to a strong young woman who manages to be able to take care of herself through her jobs and volunteering at a Womens Shelter. 

After being mugged and stabbed and left for death by a distraught husband, who’s wife and children had gone to the women’s shelter she had been volunteering at in an effort to heal her own pain; she’s visited often by her lawyer boss and eventually after she heals from her injuries, Danielle allows Grace to be loved the way she should have from the beginning.

Grace was betrayed by both her mother and her father and because of the joint betrayal, attempted to hide the betrayal and pain of the raping and beatings of her father.  How many other victims of rape experience this betrayal, pain and seclusion?  This opened my eyes to a very real problem in the world today.

It took her boss helping her to come out and heal from the wounds of her childhood to bring balance to her life again.

Danielle is a very graphic writer.  She writes so that you as her reader is there in the story. 

Thanks for reading.

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