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May 24, 2008
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Pros:Price is very good for the quality of the shampoo

Cons:it takes a few times using it to master the right amount needed.

The Bottom Line: Highly recommend it for the purpose it was intended.

I have used mane "n tail shampoo for many uses. I like this product for my animals. I do not like the product for myself.

I have Black horses. The shampoo works fantastic and leaves the horses shiny and soft. With a good curry combing after shampooing they gleam like they are wet. No need to use any other show products then. I prefer not using anything that makes the horses oily. So this shampoo give the look of the shine with the feel of soft velvet.

I dont have to shampoo the horses all that much, But I do show collies every weekend. That is where this shampoo is worth its weight in gold. Collies come in ever color. Black and white ( called tri colored) ,sable and white ( like lassie), blue merle and all white. Collies are a double coated breed so getting a good shampoo that keeps the oils in the top coat and gets the dirt out of the under coat is a problem. But not for Mane 'n tail, it lathers up very well and sinks into the coat and brings all the dirt out. It leaves the top coat well protected.

With the different colors of coat in the dogs and the horses I have noticed that the darker the animal the better the shampoo cleans. On my lighter colored dogs ( the sable and whites and the whites) I have to wash them first with a shampoo that removes stains then wash them with mane 'n tail. That is not a major concern though.

The shampoo does require more of a rinse than most normal thin shampoos.

The Mane 'n tail shampoo does not have a scent. If you show dogs or horses you know that is of major importance since you dont want the judges to think the animal you are showing has any foreign products in them.

I have used this shampoo on my own hair. I have very long oily hair. It does not work for me. My hair feels very heavy and course from the product.

The product comes in 3 different sizes. I have seen it at the retail stores in a normal sized bottle and I have seen it in a quart size and gallon size at the pet supply stores.

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