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Ferret - Strawberry Bungee Toy

Sep 2, 2011
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Pros:Ferrets love to play with it.

Cons:It did break but still is fun.

The Bottom Line: This is a great fun toy with or without the bungee.

As you can see my ferrets (Bernard and Hermione) are pretty spoiled so when I saw this toy I was excited to get it for them.  Not only was it a cute little strawberry on a bungee but it was actually on sale, so I figured why not.


The bungee is made from an elastic material with metal fasteners to attach it to your ferrets cage.  The strawberry is a plush fabric (probably anti pill fleece) with stuffing and a jingle bell to get the fuzzies attention.  The construction on the stitching from the bungee into the strawberry itself could be better since this is were it was pulled and chewed apart.

It withstood a lot of abuse but eventually did break off the bungee (with a little help from being pulled in a ferret condo and chewed often).  Basically they kept pulling it and stretching the bungee as far as they could to see where they could hide it at.  If you have ferrets you know exactly how much they love to hide things so this is what they had been doing with this toy, since it stretched they would keep pulling until they simply couldn't pull anymore and then they would try to put it behind walls so it wouldn't pull back.  With all of this abuse it did wear down and then they would chew it as well.  However, the strawberry is still a favorite toy.

Ferret Play Fun

They love this toy, even now without the bungee.  With the bungee they would pull it into tunnels and into their ferret condo.  It would bounce around and they would love to chase it and try to pull it as far as they could.  This was great fun for us both because once they got it in a place we would pull the bungee and it would snap out of the hiding place and they would chase it and make little chittering noices at it.  Then they would grab the strawberry again and pull it back into the hiding place.

Without the bungee, they both play hide n' seek with it.  They have a lot of fun hiding it in their hammocks and hiding it in their condo.  It's really fun watching them take it in their mouths and climb the side of the condo with it.  So now they can actually carry it everywhere with them.  But if you know ferrets, you know that they love little plushie type items that jingle so this now fits into that category and they carry it everywhere.


This is a fantastic toy and my ferrets love it.  Even though the bungee part was pulled and chewed off after a couple months of play it is still a great toy and I have no regrets in buying it at all.

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