Maruchan - Akai Kitsune Instant Udon Bowl 3.39oz Reviews

Maruchan - Akai Kitsune Instant Udon Bowl 3.39oz

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A Popular Instant Noodle Bowl in Japan

Jun 27, 2009
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Pros:good soup, including a unique ingredient: deep-fried bean curd,  easy to cook

Cons:It seems little bit expensive for instant noodle

The Bottom Line:

Marichan -Akai Kitsune Instant Udon is my favorite instant noodle.

Maruchan-Akai Kitsune Instant Udon Bowl is Japanese style Instant noodle. This product is very familiar in Japan so everyone knows the name. It is loved by people for 30 years when it produced by Maruchan in 1978.

Akai Kitsune Instant Udon has following characters:
1)    Savory soy sauce soup,
It made by good soy sauce and soup stack which made by fish. It is little bit sweet and mellow soup.
2)    Good feathery noodle,
When I compare than ramen noodle which has wavy and yellow noodle,  Udon has a color white, also flat and straight noodle. Also Udon noodle is light taste than ramen noodle.
3)    Juicy deep-fried bean curd.
This is the biggest characteristic of Akai Kitsune Instant Udon Bowl. It looks like a small brown square cushion. And it absorb the soup inside so when you ready to eat, it become very soft and juicy. Taste little bit sweet and it’s so good!    
4)    Cute egg taste small object,
This small object made by boiled egg. It make looks colorful this noodle bowl and also taste good.
5)    Red pepper.
The combination of Udon and red pepper are great. Red pepper add good spicy taste.   
What’s “Akai Kitsune” mean?
Akai Kitsune” means “Red Fox” in Japanese. Also “Udon” is one kind of Japanese noodle. Combination of deep-fried bean curd and Udon called “Kitsune Udon”. Maruchan-Akai Kitsune Instant Udon Bowl is the product which commercialized this “Kitsune Udon”. So Akai Kitsune Instant Udon including deep-fried bean curd as one of ingredients of this noodle bowl. It’s so tasty!
How to cook?
This Akai Kitsune Instant Udon have simple instruction how to cook and it is so easy. This is how to cook Maruchan-Akai Kitsune Instant Udon:
1)    Open the cover half.
2)    Take the seasoning bag from the bowl, open it and sprinkle the seasoning on the noodle    
3)    Poor boiled water into the bowl till the top line.
4)    Close the cover and wait three minutes.
Then, ready to eat.
What you need to prepare is a cap of boiled water only. Easy to cook, easy to eat!  
My favorite tasty instant noodle
I used to eat Akai Kitsune when I was in Japan when I was hungry but I didn’t want to cook anything. So I just took Akai Kitsune from basket which had some instant noodles as a stock and poor hot water to the bowl from thermos and waited three minutes.

There are thousand kinds of instant noodle products in Japan, but Akai Kitsune is special for me. This is my favorite one and sometime I really want to eat Akai Kitsune noodle. The red package of this product was the mark of my favorite noodle.

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