Marvel Heroclix Universe Jean Grey #073- Rookie

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Marvel HeroClix Universe: Rookie Jean Grey — This Telekinetic is Making Opponents Very Frustrated

Dec 23, 2009
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Pros:Very low point figure; great support piece

Cons:Can fold extremely fast if taken out correctly

The Bottom Line: Rookie Jean Grey will cause opponents to have a few headaches as she will frustrate them to the best of her ability. Beware of that flying dumpster heading towards you.

She was once known as Marvel Girl. She was also known as Phoenix. But for some reason just calling her Jean Grey seems to be the perfect name considering that everyone knows her the best as this. As one of the original students of Professor Charles Xavier, Jean Grey has been through it all yet has persevered as no one should have to in any life. Not surprisingly, she is also one of the best HeroClix figures to use in any battle given her talents. Marvel HeroClix: Universe reissues the original figure first seen in Infinity Challenge to prove why Rookie Jean Grey is a mainstay in any game.

There is really only one reason why anyone would use Jean Grey for battle: her Telekinesis ability is invaluable. She can really do damage in ways that will give opponents major headaches. Firstly, she is best in the back line supporting other characters that can do the dirty work. Since Telekinesis has a maximum range of 10 squares on the board, she can "fling" her teammates right into battle. This is great for characters that have Charge as a power. Jean Grey can telekinetically move them across the board allowing that character to move and attack in one turn. Or if an opponent is within range, she can use any object adjacent to her as a weapon. On a successful attack roll, she can then levitate that object and drop it on her opponent's head.

One of the best moves his getting rid of your opponent with this ability. Again, if an opponent is adjacent to Jean Grey and she rolls successful for an attack, she can then "fling" that character away. It's even better if she drops that character in front of one of your teammates who can finish the job. It's great that she holds onto this ability for the first three clicks (she only has five clicks of life) but her attack value suffers a lot from allowing her to really utilize it to her full advantage. Still, there is a lot she can do to help her teammates.

But if you are trying to attack her, make sure that you do it up close and personal. Otherwise, ranged attacks will have some great difficulty getting through her defense. Energy Shield/Deflection is going to ensure that Jean Grey stays in the game longer than opponents want her to be there. If she is the victim of any ranged attacks, she automatically gains +2 to her defense value. Since she starts with 16 defense, adding another 2 brings her up to 18. Even in the early days of HeroClix gaming, this was the number that people dreaded for it was hard to make a successful hit. Not impossible, but just hard. This is why she is great in the back lines. While she is throwing teammates into battle, opponents are quickly trying to take her out but they have to do it with ranged attacks before they get close enough to attack her face-to-face. By that time, it could be too late for her opponents.

It's a good thing she has these couple of things going for her because her damage value is pitiful at only 1 damage. It becomes worse as her attack value plummets to +4 on her fourth click. She will be lucky if she can hit your grandma at that point and even make her notice.

Her X-Men team ability can help her stay in the game a bit more. When two characters with this team ability are adjacent to each other, they can exchange clicks. While one member receives an extra click of life, the other member will take one click of damage. It's a give/take situation but for some characters like Colossus (who has an activation click) it works out well.

People like using this version of Jean Grey because of her low point cost. You cannot find a better combination of Telekinesis and Energy Shield/Deflection for only 31 points. Only the Veteran version is slightly better with the addition of one click of Support but she costs 50 points to field on a team. If you can do without it, Rookie Jean Grey is great support piece who that can help get teammates in battle positions very quickly and efficiently.

Product Details
Set: Marvel HeroClix: Universe
Rank: Rookie
Point Value: 31
Collector's Number: 73
Rarity: Common
Team Affiliation: X-Men


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Amount Paid (US$): 1.00
Type of Toy: Game
Age Range of Child: Kids to Teens

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