Its made good food for me!

Jun 1, 2007
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I got this smoker for my birthday back in October of 06. I had read some of these reviews and was worried about the door seal since a few folks seem to have had a problem with it. So far the problem has not come up and the seal is intact.

I have smoked a number of things in the unit, all with wonderful results. Lots of pulled pork, a few briskets, some chickens, and even a whole turkey at Christmas. There is plenty of room inside for the meats, and the temp control works great. Also enjoy having the timer, so you don't have to babysit it.

Can't really come up with too many bad things to say. It isn't the cheapest model out there, but it is a lot less than most commercial smokers I have seen. I really haven't had any problems with it at all. I have noticed a couple of small rust spots on the top of the unit, even though it is "stainless steel". But I don't cover it or anything and it just sits in my shed where it can get wet. Its just cosmetic though... the inside is fine.

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