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Masterbuilt 20070106 Electric Smoker

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First Time At Bat & Hit a Smoking Grand Slam!

Jul 5, 2011
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Pros:Great results with little effort. Easy to use, clean, & move. Worth the price.

Cons:The smoker can't get wet. Your neighbors think you’re cooking for them.

The Bottom Line:

Buy it! It's a timesaver that we'll use often -easy, cooks a lot at once, & yields flavorful, tender food. ABSOLUTELY worth the price.

Yesterday we prepped and used the smoker – we never owned or used a smoker - the assembly and prep was incredibly easy.  We made 5 pounds of country style ribs, a 7 pound pork shoulder, and a 5 pound beef brisket. We dry rubbed them with different spices the night before and used all the shelves in the smoker (country ribs are supposed to be placed with space in-between each rib). Everything came out tender and juicy. Even though we used apple wood chips, by using different spiced rubs each meat kept its unique flavor. We weren’t sure if we were “doing it right” but the smoker really is idiot-proof - the results were great!
We did a lot of research before making this purchase decision and it was WELL WORTH the price. It is convenient, easy to use, and right out the gate we were successful in smoking a variety of meats. Before the purchase we figured we’d smoke once a month because it likely would be a hassle to keep an eye on the smoker – now we are planning on smoking every week – and not just meats – we plan on trying fish, poultry, and even mac and cheese. We figure why not? Because once the smoker is set up we don’t so much as open the door until the food is done. We had a neighbor who used to use a smoker and you could smell the smoke from a few blocks away – this smoker doesn’t release a lot of smoke so it’s great for people with nearby or scent sensitive neighbors.
 Regarding two main issues that I read about before buying the smoker, 1) the wheels are easy to put on the smoker and it rolled easily and 2) the remote does display the smoker and the meat temps.  It was very convenient to just look at the remote to see the meat temp and not have to run outside to keep checking the food. This doesn’t require our full attention – once you set it up just feed it wood chips every half hour. The pork shoulder recipe was to add chips for the first three hours only so we didn’t have to babysit the smoker all day. Keep in mind that the smoker typically will be used for hours at a time and can't get wet so if it starts raining you have to move it to a covered area. I suggest you use a turkey baster to remove some liquid from the water bowl (meat drippings fill it) so it doesn't spill when you move the smoker.  We used a turkey baster to reduce the liquid level before we took the bowl out after using the smoker so an unsteady hand wouldn’t spill the liquid inside the smoker when removing the bowl.

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