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Mattel Camp Barbie Barbie Doll

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Camp Barbie-Let's Go Camping

Jul 15, 2010
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Pros:Beautiful doll, appropriately dressed

Cons:Have to get the all the dolls plus the camp set for camping

The Bottom Line: For collecting or to play with this doll will fit the criteria

While I know that where was a fairly recent line of Barbie dolls with camp theme this doll is from 1993-1994 and in my opinion is better suited for camping than the modern version. Of course she is no longer in toy stores but is fairly cheap ($7 to may be $15 although sometimes she is shown for as high as $50 but that's overpricing) on secondary market so if you want a camping Barbie my suggestion would be to get this one. 

Barbie doll
As with most Barbie dolls of the early 90's this one has the old body mold with large chest, twist-n-turn waist, rotating head, arms that go up and down and legs complete with pointed feet that go up and down and bend a little at the knee. Her arms are also permanently bent at the elbows and her shoulders have an extra joint that allows her to extend her arms to the sides. She has slightly tanned skin, blue eyes, smiling face, and waist-long blond hair held from her face with a small ponytail tied with a pink rubber band on the back. Her face appears to have no make up save for may be a pink lipstick but even that can pass for natural lip color. Her clothes while not completely skin-covering are not inappropriate and actually look like something someone might wear for a camping trip. She has on a white T-shirt with a colorful decal showing a rather stylized view of mountains, sun, sky and sea. The T-shirt has no Velcro but can be taken off and put back on via the small snap on the back. It does have a slight low cut on the back but it's not large enough to make it a backless top. She also has on a pair of blue jean shirts that while not exactly going to her knees still are not daisy dukes and are also high rise so even if she sits down, they don't display her underwear choice (which is unfortunately flesh-toned). The shorts fasten with Velcro so they can be taken off or put back on. In case something embarrassing does happen to her clothes she is covered with a hot pink, long sleeved jacket that stops slightly before the shorts end. While it has no zipper at the front it can be closed with two yellow ties attached to the jacket. She also wears long white socks and hot pink hiking boots (no high heels or anything like that, those boots actually look like they are for hiking). While they do slide off fairly easily they are still not hard to put back on and sometimes she can even stand on her own in them if you place her on a flat surface. Her jewelry is minimal, a pair of blue stud earrings and a matching ring. I'd recommend taking them away if this doll is given to a young child since they are small enough to be chocking hazards

~Hot pink backpack that turns into her sleeping bag
~Orange binoculars that snap on her hand so she can actually hold them
~Yellow sun glasses unfortunately she won't see anything through them
~Yellow plastic lantern
~Barbie brush
The binoculars and sunglasses are small so are potential chocking hazards. If you're planning to give her to a young child keep those accessories away from them. The brush is also okay for brushing her hair but to keep them in better shape I'd recommend using something else since her hair can only stand up to so much brushing before needing emergency care.

The only one is the age of this doll. She originally came with two "magical" effects. 1) Her hair would have golden streaks in the sun and 2) The stars on her sleeping bag would glow in the dark. Due to her age her hair are permanently streaked and the stars on the bag no longer glow but as I said it's all due to age and is not really a fault with the product. Also the only way to get "full camping" is to buy other dolls from this series since each doll besides a sleeping bag has parts of necessary camp equipment plus a play set unless you already have another camping set. The other dolls that were available are: Skipper, Midge and Ken.

This doll is high quality and is definitely a great toy or collectible...the choice is yours. 

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Amount Paid (US$): $8
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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