Mattel Disney Cruella De Vil Doll 101 Dalmatians Power In Pinstripes Great Villains Collection First In Series Reviews
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Mattel Disney Cruella De Vil Doll 101 Dalmatians Power In Pinstripes Great Villains Collection First In Series

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Cruella De Vil Great Villains Collection 1996 doll by Mattel

Apr 16, 2008
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Pros:Amazing replica of orginal costume and accessories. Very authentic. Good likeness to Glenn Close

Cons:Mass-produced, worth peanuts,stitching at end of stole looks ruff

The Bottom Line: A fantastic piece of memorabelia. Recommended to any Disney/Barbie fan. Amazing doll

Here we have a Cruella De Vil Great Villains Collection doll by Mattel. This doll was first in a series of five dolls named the “Great Villains Collection”. The original release of the doll was in 1996.

Spiked-Heels, over-the-top fur-fashions, black and white hair , Cruella De Vil truly is the number one villain (of course, a long side Maleficent, the Evil Queen and Ursula) And Mattel have replicated every detail in this truly unique and fantastic doll! Cruella is the queen of fashion as she proudly wares her haute-couture fashion, designed exclusively for her by her famous fashion-house, the House of De Vil. First in a series of Great Disney Villains, Cruella looks drop-dead-gorgeous in an authentic replica of what she wore in that unforgettable moment of the film, when she steps out of her rolls-Royce car, and walks through the House of De Vil. Faithfully sculpted in the likeness of Glenn Close, who was amazing at playing the villain, the doll is ever-bit like the character she is meant to be.

The doll very much looks like the prototype-picture of the doll above. Mattel originally made two dolls of Cruella, one in this FANTASTIC suit and another called “Ruthless in Red”, which I really want to get. Anyway, I never actually got this doll when she came out. I’m not shore how much she was when she originally came out, but I imagine she must have been something like $100. I got this doll about ten years later off for about $25. Some people, I know have paid way less for this doll, I will explain about that later.

When she finally arrived, I un-packed her from all the protective packaging around her and gazed at her. The box is just gorgeous by itself, but with the doll inside it looks amazing. She’s in a silver-gray shiny box, which has two flaps that open out to see the doll in a full-frontal view. The colour of the box I think is to reflect her Roles-Royce car. On the back of the box, it has three pictures of Glenn Close as her in the same fashion, with a short passage about her. The window shared by the two flaps is squared, with “Cruella DeVil” in white letters at the tops, and 𣺝 Dalmatians” in the middle. When you get the doll out, there is of course wires and threads to carefully unfasten.

The entire doll looks amazingly authentic to the original. The face-sculpt of the doll remarkably reflects Glenn Close, and has all her original make-up. The doll wears the same black pin-strips suit, with elaborately pointed shoulder-pads, over-enlarged white collar with glitter print on, two pointed horn-shaped broach-like accessories with silver chain lend a high-fashion feel to the bodice-part of the costume. The doll also has two smaller versions of these broach-like accessories on the back of her costume. The doll has very tight pin-stripped-sleeves, wearing black gloves at the end. Wearing a tight pin-stripped pencil-skirt, the doll has black tights wearing “pointed heels” with straps. On her head, she adorns an elaborate black hat, in a kind-of shape of a triangle with a veil, like she originally had. On one of her arms she carries a black faux-fur muff with long tassels. She also holds a pair of scarllet sun-glasses at the end of this arm. On her other arm, she holds the centre-piece of this costume, the unforgettable way over-the-top faux fur stole with three white strips, which leads to the ground. On the same arm, she holds her trade-mark scarlet cigarette holder. Lastly, the doll has her also trade-mark half black, half white hair which is stiff with hair-lacquer or something to keep it in shape.

Collectors-like with a lot of Barbie collector/ celebrity dolls by Mattel, try not to touch the hair as the lacquer or whatever Mattel put in it just comes out as dust. This leads to the doll loosing authenticity and the hair just looking messy.

What really gets to me about this doll is that this kind-of doll is supposed to be going-up in value, but sadly, Mattel mass-produced them, so now they are worth peanuts. Also, the end parts of the stole are not completely closed-up at the end. I’m not shore if it's just like this on my one, but the pieces at the end have got this ruff stitch going around them. It’s not that noticeable, but I just make those bits face away the direction the doll is in. Collectors should keep this doll in the box, or put her on display in a glass-cabinet out of the sun-light.

This doll is for adult-collectors

I would definatly recommend this doll to any Disney/Barbie fans

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Amount Paid (US$): 25
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: Other

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