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Mattel Flippin' Frogs Game - K6498

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My Family is Flipping for Flippin’ Frogs

Nov 18, 2008
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Pros:Lots of family fun

Cons:Hard, but that is part of the fun

The Bottom Line: A fun game for the entire family, but could be frustrating for some kids.

For almost a year, my daughter, Five, had been pining for Flippin’ Frogs. Finally for her sister’s birthday we bought it for her. Our only regret is that we didn’t buy it earlier, as it has turned into one of our favorite family games.

Frogs and a Spinning Tree

Flippin’ Frogs is a skill game recommended for ages 5 and up for 1 - 4 players. Three AA batteries are required but not included. Each player has 6 rubber frogs and a spring loaded launcher. Everyone plays at once and tries to shoot their frogs so they land on the branches. When time is up the tree pops up and may send your frogs flying. The person with the most frogs still hanging on the tree wins the round. The first player to win 3 rounds wins the game.

More Fun than a Barrel Full of Monkeys
We never fail to laugh when we play this game. Frogs fly all over the place, sometimes landing on the tree, and sometimes they even stay when the tree pops up. I have no idea why this turns into such a wild loud game, but it does. We all lay on the floor and send frogs around the living room. The loud croaking noises coming from the tree add to the jungle atmosphere.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t with its problems. The game is difficult. Even after almost 2 months of practice no one is ever able to get all 6 frogs on the tree during a 90 second round. The launcher does require a little coordination to use. You need to lay the floppy frog on the lily pad, press down on the back while holding the base down in the front. Then let go and the frog flies. Somewhere.

And then once the tree pops only a few frogs remain on the tree. At first Five was frustrated by this, but then she discovered the real joy of the game is in how funny it is that no one can do it! In the end, children and adults are pretty evenly matched in this game.

You’ve Played, You’ve Laughed, Now What Do You Do?
We’ve have never taken Flippin’ Frogs apart. It was as it a bit of a challenge to put it together to begin with. The branches snap into the trunk and the trunk into the base. It required a lot of force to assemble the plastic pieces and I was unsure how they would stand up to repeated assembly and disassembly. So we keep the tree assembled on a shelf in the playroom and put the frogs and launchers in a Ziploc bag.

Final Thoughts
We all love this game. Even my three year old son plays, although he just places the frogs on the tree instead of shooting them with the launcher. And it makes us laugh even harder since that doesn’t seem to give him any advantage in winning the game. I can imagine that we will tire of this game eventually , but not any time soon. If you have elementary school aged children who like games of skill and don’t mind a lack of “success” consider adding Flippin’ Frogs to your collection.

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