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Mattel Hilarium Game:Yes, It Is Hilarious!

Jan 18, 2006 (Updated Dec 27, 2011)
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Pros:Easy to play after the first read of rules and is VH Very Hilarious

Cons:Extra rules aren't necessary.

The Bottom Line: This game can become an instant winner. It did in our home.

We have had this game for a couple of years but due to our playing other favorites we never gave this one a chance. Boy, was that a big mistake! We had a great time on our first round and even though there are some specific rules to the game that take a little time to absorb, the game was an immediate hit.

The Timer

Besides the other game parts that come in the box that I will soon tell you about I wanted to mention the instructions say the game comes with a timer you know one of those tiny hourglass things and yes indeed, it's in the box. The directions go on to tell the reader that..." may find a sand timer in this box. It has nothing to do with this game. If you do, please feel free to use it when you boil eggs for your grandmother."

Games Play and Some Parts that You DO Need

This game that is set up for six players and gives a simple game board and six different decks of cards that have what might be considered "stunts" on them. These are easily mimed situations like.

Work with a Jack Hammer,
Give a Speech,
Erase a Black Board,
Fold Laundry,
Eat a turkey leg

Each Player gets five of these cards. All are duplicated meaning there is a good chance another player has one of the same "stunts" you do at any moment of the game.

The idea of the game is that when the "Start" signal is given everyone, at the same time, acts out their stunt while watching the others. All manner of motion is allowed. Speech and noise making is allowed too, as long as you are acting out your card. No word on the card itself may be used.

The idea is to find the match. When you do both players confirm the stunt and then places it.

Hilarium Breaks Out

Let me take a moment here to try and explain how much fun this is and just how hilarious it looks. Everyone is miming different acts, some may even look slightly like a match such as working a jack hammer and playing on a pogo stick. This all looks like outright pandemonium as everyone vies to get attention from others while at the same time trying to find their match.

Back to the Rules

Another card is then drawn being sure there are always five cards in your hand. The idea is to get as many matches during each round as possible. The round continues until every card in the deck is used.

There is then a break when cards are tallied and money, provided in the game is dolled out to the winners. Every round begins with players paying into the ante.

The game can be played with a fixed amount of rounds, usually four or six, noted at the start. Whoever has accumulated the most money at that time is the winner.

Just to Add to the Mood They add a Bit more Fun

Other twists are also thrown into the game to help liven things up even more. A "gotcha" card is also in there where you dump it on some unsuspecting player after saying you are matched. This gotcha card is used against whoever has it. Another is a rule that you are not allowed to count your money. If you are caught more than once you have to place more money into the pot. I thought the game was funny enough without throwing these other zingers in.

Our Experience

A few of us were together and were ready for some games. Hilarium was stacked nearby with a few other choices. We thought we would try it and then started reading the rules. To tell you the truth we weren't quite open to all of them. We were going to replace the game with something we knew. I then said lets try a basic round without reading and following all the rules. We did and then we were hooked. We simply lept playing and learning rules as we played. The game really is easy to follow, just do it ahead of time.

The board, the cards and the money are all packed neatly inside a square box about the size of Trivial Pursuit. The game is suggested for adults 3-6 players.

We were eight and played the game with the same rules. All went well. I would also say that most of the "stunts" are easy enough for most kids 12 and up to play. Having said that, it was total "Hilarium" playing with all adults. Even my second son, 26, who retires to another room whenever we play games made it through this one with a perpetual smile on his face. It seems they give enough cards to be able to play this game for a long while.

This is a good one!

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Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 25
Type of Toy: Game
Age Range of Child: Other

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