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Maxell (634050) DVD+R

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Affordable Perfect DVD Burns

Dec 27, 2006
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Pros:Available, Affordable Quality Burns from Maxell Printable DVDs

Cons:I haven't found them for sale in larger packages than 25.

The Bottom Line: You don't get burned with Maxell, you get a perfect burn.

I searched high and low to find the perfect blank DVD that was also Printable! I wanted DVDs that you could not only burn a back up movie onto with no problems, but also one that I could print directly on the surface, so that I could professionally label.

No I am not a video pirate, I just want good looking professional back up copies of my movies. This way I can lend my son a movie without fear of scratches or other damage. With DVDs at 10-25 dollars a pop, 30-60 cents extra to make a back up copy is well worth it.

Well Verbatim was my number one choice, but I had to order it online. Recently at my local Wal Mart of all places I was most happy to find a package of Maxell Blank Inkjet Printable DVD +R discs.

So how's the Burn? These burn great! They are every bit as good as Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden discs that I have tried. I burned a back up copy of George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers and a back up of Judas Priest - Electric Eye. to test these discs. I am pleased to say that Maxell works as great on Heavy Metal as it does on Blues. Sound and video quality on both burns was the same as the original. The only difference I noted was the usual Copyright Notices that my DVD-X program places on all my DVD back up uses. Although I usually do not have any data projects large enough to justify the use of a DVD, I will say this. I have found that any DVD that is capable of VIDEO backup does just fine with any other back up. Video back ups are the MOST demanding application for blank DVDs. DVDs that can handle data backups may fail on music or video, but I have never had a DVD that could handle flawless video fail on music or data.

Speed This is really as much dependant on your Burner as the media but for the record, these are 8X discs. A DVD took me about 10 minutes or so to burn.

How's the print surface? The surface of these is a nice bright white, and you can print to the center. Using my Epson R-200 printer, I had no problem printing a graphic of the DVD I was backing up, as well as printing out a set list in fine print. The graphic looked great, and the print was all very legible. I also find that if you scan in the original DVD, you can print out the same graphic onto the back up DVD and they are virtually indistinguisable from one another.

Value I was able to find these at Wal Mart for less than 14 dollars for a 25 package. Keep in mind that since I didn't order these online, I also brought them home immediately and didn't have to pay for shipping and handling. Verbatims were 25 for a package of 50, but shipping brought the actual cost to 33 for a package, so the Maxells are actually cheaper, plus I like being able to grab them at Wal Mart instead of waiting for an order.

Summary With all the blank media out there, it is as easy to get burned as to find a good burn. Maxell, from my days of recording LPs onto blank tape, has always provided me with a quality burn, and I have yet to be burned by Maxell. Another Five Star product.

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