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Maximatic EPB-1800 1-Speed Blender

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Maximatic EPB-1800 Single-Speed Blender | Good Buy

Jun 29, 2013 (Updated Jun 30, 2013)
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Pros:Four To Go Cups w Lids, Chopper n Blender included, Well powered motor,

Cons:could use a 20oz cup or two, Included recipes are for bigger blenders.

The Bottom Line: Works as Advertised, good for making multiple/different single serving shakes or smoothies

Why I bought this
I bought this blender because after recent kidney surgery to remove stones the size of small planets, I had to find ways to keep my protein intake up to a level that corresponds with the amount of exercise I get. In the past, I had done so by increasing my meat and poultry consumption but the problem with this is that increasing consumption of processed meats, will rapidly push your sodium intake to very high levels and thus increase the risk for kidney stones.
One of the ways around this is to use a whey protein powder, the only problem with this is in the mixing of your shake or smoothie. Without a blender it is almost impossible to get whatever you mix it with to be smooth or taste like anything but a lumpy drink of well,  protein powder.
Hence my search began for one that was small since I live alone, easy to clean, and because of my schedule, had enough cups so I could premix my shakes and store them in the refrig for a day or two.  It was like Maximatic had read my mind. I got this at the Armed Forces Exchange under the brand name SimplyPerfect For The Home, which is a brand name Maximatic developed for the sole use of the Armed Forces Exchange. I paid $24.99 which is typically the going rate.

The Company advertises the EPB-1800 Blender as follows
Complete your kitchen with the Maximatic EPB-1800 one-touch control drink mixer. This Maximatic blender has a 300 W motor that not only whips up shakes and smoothies, but also chops nuts, grates cheese, grinds coffee, and much more. Easy to clean, the Maximatic EPB-1800 comes with 4 spill-proof lids. Thanks to the 4 foam grips, this one-touch control drink mixer fits comfortably in your hand. To ease your cooking process further, this Maximatic blender features easy press-down and lock safety operation.”

My Experience

In the well packaged and packed box you get the following:

Blender base w/ 300W motor
8 oz Chopper Cup
Two bladed chopper cup base
Four bladed blender cup base
Five 16 oz Blender cups Four have a soft Foam Rubber Band
Four snap on to Go Lids.
Instruction Manual.

The Cups are plastic as are the lids and the housing cover for the motor. The motor base is easy to manipulate and hold in place with one hand. Once the ingredients are put in the cup you screw the appropriate blade base on to the cup. The Bases have internal rubber seals and seal well. Once the blades are in place you invert the cup and place it in the base. There are three prongs sticking out of the cup that you align to the top of the base press down and turn to the right to lock in place. I think children over age 8 could be instructed in its use.
The Instruction book is fairly well written and easy to understand, while I’m not going to repeat it all here the three most important cautions do bear repeating.

This Product is not intended for blending Hot Liquids

Product is not intended for blending frozen solid ingredients. It is recommended to chop ingredients before freezing and let them thaw slightly before use. Large Frozen ingredients may damage cups.

Crushed Ice is Recommended instead of Ice cubes.

Now being a guy I used this equipment before reading all the instructions. I found its assembly intuitive and pretty straight forward. In my first shake I used Protein Powder, Almond Milk, and three Ice Cubes. No damage. After fully reading the book I double checked all equipment for damage and found none. So I commend Maximatic for being conservative in their guidance and making this machine capable of operating beyond the expected norm.

The biggest Con I can mention is that the recipes included in the instruction book use quantities for a bigger blender. You cannot fit all the ingredients into the 16oz cups and that leads me into the idea that if I had to recommend any improvements I would like to see a 20oz cup available for this machine.

My bottom line is this is a good product that works as advertised. It has been very useful for me. I find it easy to use, easy to maintain and the instructions are well written and focus on your safety. Thinking over when the kids were young this would be very useful in making individual shakes/smoothies so each can be different, after al who wants the same thing as bigger/smaller brother/sister? I would recommend this to anyone who had the need for pre mixing and storing shakes or smoothies; and small chopping projects like almonds, walnuts, coffee grinding etc.

Manufactured by
Maximatic USA
18401 E Arenth Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748
(626) 912-9877 Ext 120 Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM PST

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