Maxwell House Coffee, Breakfast Blend, 11 oz (Pack of 6) (Maxwell House) Reviews
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Maxwell House Coffee, Breakfast Blend, 11 oz (Pack of 6) (Maxwell House)

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Maxwell House Breakfast Blend: Adequate Coffee But Nothing Exceptional

Apr 2, 2010
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Pros:Good breakfast blend or for after meals.

Cons:Can be bitter if you go heavy with the scooping.

The Bottom Line: A little too wimpy for me but it served its purpose when I was in dire need of coffee.

I normally buy the huge plastic or metal cans of coffee; it's the most cost effective way for me to keep a steady stock of it in the house. I prefer a strong, dark blend but not everyone likes their coffee so dark you can't see through it. While I do enjoy a Starbucks coffee from time to time I'd rather spend a couple dollars more and get a huge can and make my own at home. About a month ago I had a rather embarrassing accident in the bathroom and was left incapacitated for about two weeks. After five days in bed I was going stir crazy and needed coffee in the worst way. Since I couldn't drive and no one was around I had to gimp my way to the small, overpriced corner store. Now, I like my coffee strong but when I lifted up the coffee pot there and it looked like sludge in the bottom of the carafe I opted to, painfully, pay five dollars for a small can of Maxwell House Breakfast Blend. For a dollar more I could have gotten one of the larger metal cans at the grocery store but there was no way I would be able to make it seven blocks there and back.

When I got home and brewed up a half pot of this I was pretty impressed with the aroma of it; it wasn't too strong but it certainly wasn't wimpy. I used my usual two and a half tablespoon measurement that I use when I make a half of a pot of coffee and the resulting brew was extremely tasty. I didn’t get too excited though, I had been without coffee for almost a week so if someone would have handed me reheated coffee with no sweetener in it I would have probably been more than content with it. Knowing that I would need to have at least four or five cups of this to really get a feel for it I left the can on the counter and limped to the couch. Something was bothering me about the coffee; it had almost the same overall taste as the Master Blend but there was something just a little different about it. Even though I hadn't had coffee for a while I still wasn't feeling a caffeine kick. That's when I felt a wave of dread wash over me. Did I buy the decaffeinated version by mistake? Checking the can I saw it was the regular version but why wasn't I getting a kick from it?

Compared to other Maxwell House coffee blends this is good but pretty low key. I tried used three tablespoons instead of two and a half and it had a heartier taste but if I would have added even an quarter of a tablespoon more it would have been extremely bitter. I used to love the French Roast but got burned out on it after mass consumption of it. The Breakfast Blend is a good pick for that first cup of the morning but it never really managed to give me a good caffeine boost. I did make my way through the whole can in about a week but I started drinking more green tea too; if I had been drinking coffee exclusively chances are I would have killed it in less time. I used to brew an entire pot at a time then reheat the second part of the pot but it was a waste of coffee. The reheated portion never had the same taste to it [due to reheating as well as evaporation]. While it takes longer to brew a half pot each time I want coffee I do end up saving a lot of money because I'm not dumping out the left over coffee.

Would I buy this again? I might if it were on sale or if I could find it in a larger size. I got raked over the coals at the corner store for this but I was desperate for coffee and no one was around to go to the store. Asking someone in the house to go would result in them buying the wrong coffee and even if they made the right coffee they would never brew it the way I like it. This is good to have around as a general coffee for after meals because it isn't all that strong; you will have to play around with the amount of grounds that you use and the size of your coffee pot. For me its two and a half tablespoons for six cups of coffee; I do add a little more than six cups of water [as labeled on the glass pot] because some of it stays in the grinds after the brew cycle.

I could have sworn that these were 11.5 ounce cans but when I dug mine out of the recycle bag it was indeed an 11 ouncer. I never really paid attention to the price of these at the grocery store; the smaller cans are a waste for me because of the amount of coffee that I drink. I will however look for these if the smaller cans are on sale and I have coupons because the Breakfast Blend would be nice to have around when company stops by and they are casual [not hard core] coffee drinkers. I still have to laugh at the tag line on the can, "makes up to 90 six ounce cups of coffee". The coffee "mug" I drink out of when I am home holds six cups / a half pot of coffee so you can see how quickly I go through the smaller cans. Maxwell House classifies this as a mild brew; it's coffee and it keeps me somewhat sane but it just doesn’t have the kick that I expect or want from my coffee. That's not to say that I dislike it but if I had a choice between this and a stronger blend I would go with something stronger.

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