Mccormick Cinnamon Canela Molida Ground 18oz 510g

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McCormick Cinnamon - Giant Sized

May 6, 2008
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Pros:Great quality, large container saves a lot of money


The Bottom Line: McCormick Ground Cinnamon in the 18 ounce container is a great way to save money on this spice.

We use a lot of cinnamon in our home, my daycare kids love cinnamon sugar, and I use it when I make french toast and when baking desserts. It is so much cheaper to purchase this large container of McCormick Ground Cinnamon at Costco than it is to buy the small spice sized bottles at my local grocery store!


This large bottle measures 8 inches tall and the base is 3 1/3" by 3". It is built in a slight pyramid style, narrowing out as it gets to the top of the bottle, which is made of clear plastic.

The red cap has two flip style openings. One allows you to shake the cinnamon out, although the holes are still a bit large (almost 3/16"). The other side flips up to reveal a larger hole, (which opens up half of the top), which lets you spoon out the desired amount. My largest measuring spoons, the tablespoon, will fit through this opening.

The cinnamon is ground up into a very fine powder, and when you open the lid the cinnamon smells very strong and fresh, with a pungent odor.


There's not to much to say about this product, it's good tasting cinnamon. The label says only "ground cinnamon", and there is a picture of a green cinnamon stick with leaves attached, as well as a picture of three dried cinnamon sticks. It also reads Canela Molida on the label (which I believe is Spanish for ground cinnamon).

I can pick up this large jar of cinnamon at Costco for around $6.00, where as a small 2.37 ounce jar of McCormick ground cinnamon costs nearly $3 at my local supermarket! That is a huge savings.

I actually purchased a bottle of McCormick pre-made cinnamon sugar years ago, with a nice shaker lid, and I just make up my own cinnamon sugar and simply refill this container. My recipe is simple, I mix 1/2 cup sugar with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, and mix it well. This saves me a lot of money and the kids love it.

A few years ago I was making crafts out of cinnamon. I mixed cinnamon with applesauce and a few other ingredients, put them in angel and heart shaped molds, and baked them. Boy did they smell great! They hung on the wall with a ribbon, and if they happened to break you simply toss them into your fireplace and they make the entire room smell like cinnamon!

It's a great spice for making many kinds of cake, especially coffee cake. I use it in my Snickernoodle and oatmeal cookies, apple pies, and my bread pudding. Many different recipes call for cinnamon, it's a great spice to have around the house. And of course we can't forget homemade sticky buns and cinnamon rolls! What tastes better than a fresh cinnamon roll? Just the smell is enough to get the taste bud juices flowing!

I'm sure that this large 18 ounce container is meant for restaurants, but I keep it in my pantry and use it all the time. It is a real value for me, and I am always about saving money.

Years ago cinnamon was used for many different things other than baking. It had medicinal uses and was used to preserve meat since it contains phenols which inhibit bacteria from growing. Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, but is also grown in other tropical climates such as South America.

Cinnamon should be stored in a cool dark place to keep it from getting stale. You can also buy cinnamon sticks and grate your own fresh cinnamon with a nutmeg grinder, spice or coffee grinder. I prefer the easy method, using a cinnamon that is already ground, and I have always been very happy with the taste and quality of McCormick.

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