Mcculloch 5.8 Amp, 4 1/2" Angle Grinder (1019851) Reviews
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Mcculloch 5.8 Amp, 4 1/2" Angle Grinder (1019851)

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McCulloch 4.5" Angle Grinder UPDATE!

Sep 20, 2008 (Updated Mar 17, 2010)
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Pros:10,000-RPM's Can Use Non-Brand Disks Grinds & Cuts Well Sharpens Mower Blades Replacable Brushes

Cons:Dangerious Sparks

The Bottom Line: This is a affordable, reliable, powerful, home use angle grinder, enough said.

I bought this angle grinder from and I am really happy with it. At first I thought I was getting something that was second rate that would not have the power to do what I needed it to do.

OPERATING: I was using the metal cutting disk to cut through some rebar as a test and it done a great job. Then I went to removing a weld on a hitch pin and again it performed very well, took longer then expected but it got the job done. After that I used the knotted brush wheel to smoothen out the cut and of course the grinder did not chug at that either.

WARNING: I suggest being careful of the sparks, this angle grinder creates a lot of sparks as you are grinding or cutting. In other words, make sure the sparks are away from any open flames, heaters, gasoline cans, any kind of fumes, and any electronics which can be damaged. I find these flying sparks get hot after a while so please excersise caution.

NOTE: The thing I feel that I should mention is if you plan on purchasing this angle grinder, you must use the disks by the McCulloch brand if you are to use the disk spacers and tightning spanner. This angle grinder does come with a McCulloch grinding disk so you won't have to worry.

OTHER BRAND DISKS: However, I bought Dewalt brand metal cutting disks and the wire knotted brush. Because the design of these disks are deaper, I could not use the spacers and tightning spanner. This was ok though cause I just put the disk on by itself and then with gloves on, I tightened the disk on with my hand which worked nicely. These disks are not made to go on super tight in the first place so by tightning with your hand, that will equal the same amount of torque you could do with the proper disks using the spanner wrench.

SHARPENING: There were a couple of mowers that had siesed blade bolts, in other words I could not get them loose to remove the blade. Incase you didn't know, angle grinders are perfect for sharpening mower blades while they are still attached to the mower! All you gotta do is put the angle grinder at the proper angle of the blade. My only warning is to have a fire extinguisher or water hose nearby incase you catch grass on fire under the cutting deck because of the hot sparks.

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT: In my opinion, this grinder did a pretty good job at sharpening those two lawnmower blades, went through that rebar like there was no tomarrow. Keep in mind this grinder spins at 10,000 RPM's, this means this is a serious tool and not a toy! I recomend that you wear hearing protection while using this and I also recomend that you wear a full face shield. I also recomend wearing kevlar or flame retardent gloves.

POWER SWITCH: Some angle grinders have a push on button, there have been complaints about those kind because if your finger slips away, the button pops back out and then the grinder shuts down! Your going to like this grinder because its a slide switch style and there for won't turn off unless you switch it off. Don't forget whenever you switch off a angle grinder to set it down upside-down cause if you don't you can get seriously injured by setting it down with a spinning disk.

HANDLE & GUARD: I like the handle design especially since many of these can only be mounted to one side. Unlike those, you can mount the handle either to the left side or the right side of the grinder. So if your a left handed person, you got nothing to worry about. ;) The other thing I like is that the metal shield on this grinder can be adjusted to whatever spot you want it to be.

CONCLUSION: I really think for home use angle grinders, this one is really the best because not only is it made by a quality brand name such as McCulloch, but it also meets the quality standards for all brands of angle grinders made today. I even like the fact that you can replace the brushes on it. Now, I am not sure as of yet where I would go to buy the replacable brushes, their website maybe?

So you got quality and power to get the job done for a 4 and 1/2 inch angle grinder, what more can you want? Sure you can go purchase a 7 inch or 9 inch grinder but those are going to be expensive and you can't get them into tight places like this one! I reccomend this to anybody who needs a home use grinder 5 out of 5

Date Purchased: 07/05/08 Price Paid: $30.00

Prolonged exposure to loud noises, can cause hearing loss. Please use ear plugs while operating air tools.

Mack's Ultra Safesound Earplugs

UPDATE! 2009

It has been a year since I purchased my McCulloch angle grinder and this is what I think.

As compared to the air rachet tool, I only bought my angle grinder for home use purpose. I bought it so I could do some around the home grinding and cutting.

I have already explained how well this grinder cuts, grinds, and smooths out metal, so no need to repeat myself. However, I recently used my grinder to reduce the diameter of my shifting rod on my rig so that I could mod my rig with a piston shift knob.

After owning this unit for a year, I am even more surprised now at how much use I am getting out of it. This little home use grinder has got me out of some jambs for sure and then some!

As I said before, its got just about all the power I need to get home use jobs done in a pinch. I think the longest time I had to wait on getting the job done was cutting away that weld and hitch pin out of the hitch plate.

In my opinion, angle grinders are very versatile in what you can do with them, and this thing is pretty durable for what its intended for. I have had almost no signs of wear on it, nothing has been broken, and I have yet to ever have a need to replace the replacable brushes.

If you need a angle grinder for day to day shop use, I would recommend a Craftsman, or a milwaukee. But if all you need is a quality/durable home use grinder, I highly recommend this one!

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