Mechanized Attack  (NES, 1990) Reviews

Mechanized Attack (NES, 1990)

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Mechanized Attack for NES - One of the better light gun games

Feb 26, 2012
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Pros:Nice graphics, fun gameplay

Cons:Playing with the Zapper still required the controller

The Bottom Line: This was slightly superior to Operation Wolf, and definitely worth checking out.

Mechanized Attack was a fun shooting gallery type game for the NES, and one of the handful of games that made use of the NES Zapper light gun. It looked a lot like Operation Wolf, but ran a bit more smoothly and had more stuff to shoot at. You could play with the regular controller, too.

This is a military action game that takes you across a bunch of different scenarios where you need to gun down the enemy. It offered a lot of variation as you went along, and that helped keep your interest up while you were under fire. In this game, you’ll have knives and missiles coming at you, plus soldiers coming out of nowhere to get you. This was released by SNK, who made a wide variety of military combat type games for the NES, and they were one of the consistently good game companies of the period.

Enemy soldiers would die with just one hit, but heavier guns and vehicles required multiple strikes. Things got interesting when you had heavy stuff to take out while soldiers were still popping up. You had to decide on the fly which one to let hit you and it was easy to get tied up with one while the other blasted you. This is where you need to save your grenades to do massive damage quickly.

The graphics in this are very good for the NES. You have several different random enemy units spring up on you, like divers with guns, guys with machine guns, rocket launchers with rockets to shoot, and so on. You’ll be under constant attack from start to finish, and your targets will appear on different parts of the screen so you need to be quick. Everything has a distinct 80’s action movie feel to it, and so that works well. The sound was pretty standard, though.

Part of what made this game fun is that you could use the controller or the light gun to play, and that changed up the gameplay quite a lot. If you used the Zapper, you still needed a controller to throw grenades, plus the spring-loaded trigger made it a bit of a workout to keep shooting. It was much more of a challenge to use the gun, in my opinion. With the controller, you could just use the directional pad to sweep your crosshairs all over the screen and take out the enemies as they appear.

In the end, I thought Mechanized Attack was superior to Operation Wolf, though the latter game was more popular. Maybe it’s because the cover art was kind of cartoonish on this game and a bit more realistic for the other.

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