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Medina Plus 32 oz (046753020322)

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An organic alternative to chemical fertilizers.

Aug 14, 2008 (Updated Aug 14, 2008)
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Pros:It works and has great long term results. Is safe around children and animals.

Cons:More expensive than chemical alternative and results are not as fast.

The Bottom Line: This is an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers. It may not provide the fast results, but it does provide the peace of mind.

One of the things I like to do when I am not at work is work on my yard. I was having some luck with the typical chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but after discovering that the probable cause of several hundred dead fish in our local lake was the result of runoff of chemical fertilizers and pesticides from area lawns, I decided to rethink my strategy.

After doing some reading on the subject I decided I did not want to expose my family to some of the chemicals in these products. I can apply Medina Plus to my yard without worrying about my children coming into contact with it. This product also introduces many trace elements and other minerals that are not provided by chemical fertilizers, but are essential to healthy soil. It seems to work too, although slower than chemical fertilizers. My soil also looks much healthier than it did before.

What is it?

This is an organic liquid fertilizer. This product is similar in many ways to Medina Hasta Gro. This formula is more soil oriented, though and contains all the ingredients of Medina Soil Activator plus an additional 40 trace elements and other minerals. The ingredients include: Fermentation extracts, soluble seaweed extracts, magnesium chloride, iron sulfate, zinc chloride and water.

These organic compounds strengthen and multiply the microbes already in the soil. These microbes turn the nutrients in the soil into a more usable form for plants. Medina Plus is mixed with water and applied directly to the soil or to the leaves of the plants. This can be accomplished using a hose end or a pump sprayer.

How is it used?

I use Medina Hasta Gro as a foliar spray and the Medina Plus directly to the soil for both my lawn and around my trees and shrubs. I usually apply it early in the mornings to avoid the Houston heat. I use the recommended amount of 3 ounces per gallon of water.

This can also be applied directly to the leaves and the dosage is the same. Make sure when applying to leaves to get the undersides of the leaves as well. It is also best not to apply in the heat of the day as liquid on the leaves combined with the bright sunlight can burn your plants.

Medina Plus can also be used for transplants. I have used both this and Medina Hasta Gro for this purpose. The bottle recommends 1 ounce per gallon of water to be sprayed onto the roots of the plant to be transplanted. I personally just mix the ounce per gallon in a bucket and dip the roots directly into it for 15 to 20 seconds, making sure the roots are fully drenched in the fertilizer. I have not lost a plant yet using this method.

Does it work?

After using Medina products for a couple years now I can say it does work. If you are looking for fast results, though, my experience is that any organic method you use will not compare to the chemical alternative. Over the long run organics provide many nutrients that chemical fertilizers do not and I believe the end result is a much healthier soil.

My trees and shrubs in particular are healthier than they have ever been before and are noticeably fuller than my neighbors. Does that mean it’s because I use organics instead of chemical? I would like to think so, but it is not like I am conducting controlled experiments.

What is good about it?

Medina Plus and the other Medina products I use do seem to work. My soil is very healthy looking as are my trees and shrubs. The best part about this product is that I can apply this fertilizer even when my children and my two dogs are outside without fear of it hurting their health. I also do not have to worry about runoff from my yard killing the fish in the local lake or just polluting the area in general.

Medina Plus also adds nutrients to my soil that the chemical alternatives do not. Plants do not use just use the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium that chemical fertilizers provide. I would think the addition of these additional nutrients would be essential to plants in the long term.

It is particularly nice that Medina products are now easy to find in the Houston area. My local Home Depot and Lowes, as well as my local nursery all carry Medina Plus. I like the fact that I am supporting a Texas company too.

Medina Plus also will not “burn” the lawn or plants from over application like some of the chemical fertilizers out there. Although it is probably possible, I have never managed to burn my yard with Medina Plus. This is more than I can say about some of the chemical products out there.


At around $20 for a gallon there are cheaper fixes out there. All organic products tend to be more expensive, although they do not need to be applied as frequently as the chemical alternatives. Chemical fertilizers are still going to be cheaper in the short term, but I think having healthier plants will save you money over time.

Medina Plus and other organic fertilizers are not perfect. They can runoff into lakes and streams just like the chemical alternatives. Organics are applied less frequently and do not have the same high concentrations of chemicals as other fertilizers and thus the harmful impact to the environment is lessened.


This is an excellent product and my plants look much healthier than they ever did before. Medina Plus can be expensive, but the container usually lasts awhile. Chemical fertilizers will still be cheaper, but I prefer the peace of mind that comes with using this product. I can use this product without worrying about my family or the environment being exposed to harmful chemicals. I highly recommend this product.

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