Melnor 4125sh Brass Sweeper Nozzle (042206141965) Reviews

Melnor 4125sh Brass Sweeper Nozzle (042206141965)

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Melnor Industries' Brass Sweeper Nozzle

Dec 10, 2010
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The Bottom Line: Basically this type sweeper nozzle is a pinpoint only, non regulating type device.

Melnor Industries' Brass Sweeper Nozzle measuring about 1 X 2 inches is another of the handy devices similar to those Daddy had in his garden shed.

When I was a kid the word - sprayer - was assigned to either the small, bland metal water gun or this type nozzle apparatus. We did not have the diversity of gizmos to choose from as is found today.

Spray was and is regulated by water pressure, more pressure and the spray went, goes, from trickle to can't hold the hose.

Basically this type sweeper nozzle is a pinpoint only, non regulating type device used for blasting leaves or other debris from the drive or walkway, for removing wasp or other nests from roof eaves, spraying off patio or porch, spraying off RVs or trailers, or where water is plentiful; for helping to blast a water channel through soils in planting beds. 

I like that the threaded nozzle maintains a good tight hold when placed on water hose.  Brass, not plastic or lesser quality pot metals, creates a durable leakless hold and offers a potent, slender, blasting flow.

The nozzle puts out a heavy duty spray when water pressure is sufficient for the task.  Note:  In areas having lower water pressure the spray may not be as strong as needed.  One drawback during usage comes from necessity for being very close to target in order for the stream to maintain the strongest water power.

I find Melnor's brass sweeper nozzle is durable provides a good steady stream and is inexpensive should it need to be replaced.

I rarely use my Sweeper Nozzle today for trying to cut channels, we are on a rural water meter, the clay in my planting beds is thick, substantial and pervasive, cost of water is prohibitive.  When I was a child, Dad often used to Sweeper type Nozzle for cutting the channel in which water would be carried to trees or vines, our water source then was a deep well, cost was not so prohibitive, water was plentiful and soil was loam, not clay.

The older models of this basic nozzle were generally crafted of metal; usually brass, look much as these newer ones do today, are a time tested device and can be relied upon to offer much the same reliability and functionality as do the ones produced today. 

I like Melnor craftsmanship, and the fact that Melnor products are generally pretty easy to find on store shelves.  Our local feed and farm supply carries a good many Melnor gardening devices, I buy as needed.  Even a sturdy brass nozzle does not always stand up to being run over by a lawn mower.

To use attach the threaded nozzle to garden hose, turn on water spigot and spray.

Happy to recommend Melnor Industries Brass Sweeper Nozzle.


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molly martin


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From the Melnor Site:  Since 1946 Melnor Industries has provided gardening needs.  In 1948 Melnor introduced to gardeners the first oscillating sprinkler. Most modern oscillating sprinklers are still based on that Melnor original.

More than five decades later, Melnor, Inc. is one of the leading lawn and garden watering products brands in North America. The name Melnor has become synonymous with innovation and high-quality. 

Melnor's commitment is to continue the tradition of providing exciting products that will satisfy every homeowner's needs. Our goal is to be the first in innovation and customer satisfaction in the lawn and garden market.

The company's corporate headquarters and distribution center are located in Winchester, Virginia.

Melnor products are intended for residential use. Most come with a 2 year, 7 year or lifetime warranty.

Melnor, Inc.
3085 Shawnee Drive
Winchester, VA 22601

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