Melnor 4125sh Brass Sweeper Nozzle (042206141965) Reviews

Melnor 4125sh Brass Sweeper Nozzle (042206141965)

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Melnor Brass Sweeper Nozzle: A near “must-have” garden hose accessory

May 26, 2012
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Pros:Concentrates garden hose stream, good for light-duty clean-up, all brass, inexpensive

Cons:prone to disappearing, may leak when used with “budget” hoses, no nozzle shutoff

The Bottom Line: At about 2 bucks each I consider them pretty close to a “must-have” garden hose accessory.  I highly recommend the Melnor Brass Sweeper Nozzle.

Well, it’s that time of year again here in South Florida.  If it’s 4 o’clock it must be raining!  Yes we’re in the rainy season.  The lake beside our home that just weeks ago looked like it was doomed to become a dry-bed is now swelling over its banks.

As much as we need the rain, these daily brief deluges wreak havoc with our property.  Our postage stamp sized lot is home to a number of very large ornamental black olive trees as well as ficus trees.  While they provide us a great deal of shade, after a downpour they leave our walkways and driveway badly littered.  In the case of the olive trees, if their droppings aren’t regularly swept away they’ll stain the concrete drive.  Homeowners’ Associations do not like stained driveways, but they do seem to revel in leaving those little threatening notes on our front door.  And, of course I hate to have to drag out and set up my pressure washer.

Melnor Brass Sweeper Nozzle
I find a much more palatable solution is attaching a Melnor Brass Sweeper Nozzle to the end of one of our garden hoses and quickly clear away the debris.

The Sweeper Nozzle is an all-brass fitting that threads onto the end of your garden hose.  It measures perhaps 1” x 2” and looks like the tip of an old-fashioned fire extinguisher.  Essentially, what it does is concentrate the stream of water leaving your garden hose and increasing the water pressure.  While the pressure is far short of that of a pressure washer it is considerably greater than that of your garden hose sprayer.  Once I entirely open one of our 3 spigots the sweeper nozzle provides enough increased pressure to easily clear our walkways and driveway with little more than a side-to-side sweeping motion as I advance.

Some things to keep in mind
The greatest pressure is achieved closest to the nozzle.  After a few feet of travel, the pressure of the stream falls off quickly.  Make sure you have a hose long enough to take the nozzle where it’s needed.

While we’re talking about hoses, make sure you use a quality hose.  “Budget” hoses that typically have stamped metal threads have a tendency to leak at the nozzle fitting when forced to deal with the increased pressure.  I recommend a hose with a machined brass or stainless steel thread.  Used with this type of hose, you’ll stay appreciably dryer.

The extent to which you get a powerful pressurized stream is directly related to the amount of water pressure you have in your home.  If you have a low water pressure situation in your home, the Melnor Brass Sweeper Nozzle probably isn’t going to work very well for you.

The Melnor Brass Sweeper Nozzle has no on/off feature.  It’s simply a spray head attached to the hose.  The only way to turn it on and off is from the spigot unless you add an additional flow control fitting to the hose.  I often use it with the Melnor Gentle Rain Shower Head Watering Wand.  I simply unscrew the “shower head” and thread the sweeper nozzle on to the wand.  This gives me the ability to somewhat adjust the pressure with the wand’s flow control and to turn the water on and off with the wand’s trigger.  Use of the wand in this way also lets me get the nozzle closer to the action without requiring me to bend or stoop.

Other Uses
As I mentioned early in the review, the Sweeper Nozzle isn’t going to turn your hose into a pressure washer, but I find that when I use the wand extension I can use the nozzle to remove mildew that accumulates on the white aluminum frame of our screen enclosed back patio.

Similarly I can use the Sweeper Nozzle/Wand combination to keep the wheel rims of our cars free of disc brake dust that otherwise quickly becomes caked on requiring me to bust-out the pressure washer and scrub brushes.

Bottom Line
I own several of these Sweeper Nozzles (They’re easily misplaced).  At about 2 bucks each I consider them pretty close to a “must-have” garden hose accessory.  I highly recommend the Melnor Brass Sweeper Nozzle.


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