Melnor 491c Full Size Aqua - Gun Nozzle with Threaded Front (042206145499) Reviews
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Melnor 491c Full Size Aqua - Gun Nozzle with Threaded Front (042206145499)

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Two-way Aqua-Gun Hose Connector

Dec 24, 2009
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Pros:Melnor relability

Cons:hand for my arthritic hands to manipulate

The Bottom Line: Basically a pistol hose nozzle is based on a design which has been in usage for over half a century.  Proves again, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Melnor Industries Two-way Aqua-Gun Hose Connector is a spitting image of the hand held sprayer Daddy had in his garden shed. Back when I was a kid the word - sprayer - signified this small, innocuous metal water gun with threaded front, attach to hose and clutch the back trigger, out comes water. Spray from pinpoint to wide mist was regulated by a small metal thumb screw located at the rear of the barrel.

I hated that sprayer nozzle, it made my hand tired when I tried to use it.

Basically a pistol hose nozzle is based on a design which has been in usage for over half a century. The device includes a handle element and a barrel element which meet at right angles. Barrel extends forward, handle extends downward.

The older models were crafted of metal, today the design may appear as did the old metal ones and be created in plastics or other materials. Modern models may follow the general pattern, however materials used and appearance may be much different that the skinny barrel, skinny tube like handle with trigger device for turning water on and off.

How the device works is pretty much non changed; the handle and barrel portions are formed of two parts surrounding an interior channel, the water flow path linking inlet at the lower end of the handle structure and an outlet at the forward end of the barrel structure.

A spring activated on-off regulator mechanism is moved inside the grip area of the flow path carrying the water through the barrel portion of the flow path and into the forward barrel portion to the orifice by which the water is emitted.

Water flow is regulated via a changeable mechanism at the rear of the forward barrel, turn thumb activate setting, squeeze the back handle, water flows so long as the handle is depressed.

Water source, garden hose, can be attached to the lower handle tube, thumb setting fixed, trigger handle depressed allowing pinpoint to mist spray emission from the forward end of the upper barrel.

We never attached anything to the front threaded coupling, and I still don't.  I suppose any threaded accessory, coupling or connector might be attached if so desire.

Melnor's Full Size, die cast, zinc pistol type nozzle with threaded, male, connection at the front barrel portion is crafted of robust metal assembly to supply long term gadget life. for general watering, sprinkling and spraying. Design is a tested, time honored garden tool.

I find these small metal nozzles today to be pretty much as were the ones so long ago. I have had one in my own garden bucket for years, now and again I get it out for a small spraying job. I still don't much like this particular spray nozzle. It still hurts my hand when I try to use it.

Husband does get this nozzle out for use far more frequently than do I, on the other hand, he does not have small, arthritic hands. His hands are larger, and despite some arthritis beginning to show its ugly age ridden head; he has little problem depressing the lever for sessions of cleaning cement pad where we park cars, or spraying front porch or patio. He prefers the old tried and true over more modern devices which are in his opinion more cumbersome to hold.

I find Melnor's metal slim design to be lightweight and easy to hold, however, I have more problem regulating water flow and even with the set and spray capability, I have problem trying to manipulate the set and spray; not a problem of the device, it is the arthritis causing my problem.

Even though I'm not able to use the device well; I am Happy to recommend Melnor Industries Two-way Aqua-Gun Hose Connector for those who do not have the arthritic hand problem that I do.


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molly martin

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From the Melnor Site:  Since 1946 Melnor Industries has provided gardening needs.  In 1948 Melnor introduced to gardeners the first oscillating sprinkler. Most modern oscillating sprinklers are still based on that Melnor original.

More than five decades later, Melnor, Inc. is one of the leading lawn and garden watering products brands in North America. The name Melnor has become synonymous with innovation and high-quality.  Melnor's commitment is to continue the tradition of providing exciting products that will satisfy every homeowner's needs. Our goal is to be the first in innovation and customer satisfaction in the lawn and garden market.

The company's corporate headquarters and distribution center are located in Winchester, Virginia.
Melnor products are intended for residential use. Most come with a 2 year, 7 year or lifetime warranty.

Melnor, Inc.
3085 Shawnee Drive
Winchester, VA 22601

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