Melnor Full or Part Circle Pulsating Sprinkler with Metal Head #9538 (538051) Reviews

Melnor Full or Part Circle Pulsating Sprinkler with Metal Head #9538 (538051)

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Melnor Industries Full or Part Circle Pulsating Sprinkler with Metal Head

Dec 13, 2009
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Pros:robust, rust resistant

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: This pulsating Melnor sprinkler is crafted of long-lasting, rust resistant, all metal, powder coated base for extra protection.

Melnor Industries Full or Part Circle Pulsating Sprinkler with Metal Head

Melnor creates a series of Pulsating sprinklers including spike type, and those having sled or circle base, some with plastic head and others with metal head.  Pictured is a Melnor sled base all plastic device, however information regarding the apparatus indicates it is a metal head.  And is not all plastic.

Stationary sprinklers by definition do not move, they do provide a spray in a particular spot. Rotational, or spinning, rotary sprinklers spray water from orifices found at the tips of two or three whirling arms. Oscillating sprinklers are among the most common in use. Spraying a fan-shaped screen of water; a metal tube having a multitude of orifices moves back and forth within a frame to cover a rectangular area with moisture. Traveling, or self-propelled, sprinklers have wheels and track along a cord, garden hose or other trail set down by the user. In-ground sprinkler systems are long lasting, subterranean systems having pipe for water channeling and stationary sprinkler heads at intervals.

I will review my sled base, metal head pulsating sprinkler from Melnor.  As a rule water and lawn sprinklers fall into six general styles including: in-ground systems, oscillating, pulsating, rotary, stationary, and roving.  Size and arrangement of area to be irrigated, soil type comprising the yard, individual price consideration determinants when considering type of sprinkler(s) to purchase.

This pulsating Melnor sprinkler is crafted of long-lasting, rust resistant, all metal parts powder coated for extra protection.  Melnor guarantees their sprinkler for duration home is owned.    Hose coupling and sprinkler machinery are created of brass, a metal notorious for remaining in good condition indefinitely whatever the weather.

Melnor Industries Full or Part Circle Pulsating Sprinkler with Metal Head having hose attachment on opposite sides of the center apparatus allows unit to unit connections via series of water hoses; a dandy feature if water pressure is high enough to produce spray at each sprinkler.  Ours is not, a series of on/off valves placed before each of the various sprinklers and a lot of tinkering to adjust same can get water from first to last sprinkler.  I am not a cussing person, but tinkering with sprinklers, hoses and on/off valves has caused me to consider becoming one. 

I like the pulsating action which allows water dispensing to an 85 foot diameter circle, although I set ours to half circle and not complete circle, and not on the lawn.  I place ours at the fence line behind the house so that in very dry weather I can send a semi circle of water out into the pasture directly behind the house.  I want that grass lush and green for 2 reasons; it feeds Shadow, and lush grass does not burn so quickly as dry. 

As an added benefit; Shadow is convinced that sprinkler is there solely for his pleasure, he enjoys standing in the cooling spray during very hot days.

Pulsating, or impulse type sprinklers are among the most commonly used and most proficient for use in irrigating large areas. Typically these sprinklers feature a single water jet placed low to earth. Pulsating, or impulse, sprinklers are robust, generally well designed and dispense water evenly over large areas in circular or semi-circular patterns.

Close to the ground means water spray tends to be robust, pretty wind-resistant and adjustable at the tap or the in hose valve connection.  Adjusting the amount of water pressure at the tap will reduce spray radius if needed for smaller watering jobs. 

My own Melnor pulsating sprinkler is dedicated strictly to the fence line, is placed on a single hose also dedicated to that one sprinkler. 

With prairie fire always at the back of the mind during summer I don't want to have to stop to remove other devices, find a hose or anything else should fire be seen coming over the hill. 

We went through one fire several years ago, without losing barn, house, critter or anything around the house, although pasture to the west was char when the smoke cleared, and the neighbor's pasture on the east was the same. 

Having one single hose with sprinkler dedicated to pasture provides peace of mind should need arise in future.

 I use other sprinklers for other areas and the like in the yard itself

Happy to recommend Melnor Industries Full or Part Circle Pulsating Sprinkler with Metal Head

other sprinklers FAN
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From the Melnor Site:  Since 1946 Melnor Industries has provided gardening needs.  In 1948 Melnor introduced to gardeners the first oscillating sprinkler. Most modern oscillating sprinklers are still based on that Melnor original.

More than five decades later, Melnor, Inc. is one of the leading lawn and garden watering products brands in North America. The name Melnor has become synonymous with innovation and high-quality.  Melnor's commitment is to continue the tradition of providing exciting products that will satisfy every homeowner's needs. Our goal is to be the first in innovation and customer satisfaction in the lawn and garden market.

The company's corporate headquarters and distribution center are located in Winchester, Virginia.
Melnor products are intended for residential use. Most come with a 2 year, 7 year or lifetime warranty.

Melnor, Inc.
3085 Shawnee Drive
Winchester, VA 22601

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