Melnor Inc. Oscillating Sprinkler, 300CV (042206270078) Reviews
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Melnor Inc. Oscillating Sprinkler, 300CV (042206270078)

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Wish it would have lasted longer...

Sep 12, 2009 (Updated Sep 13, 2009)
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Pros:Versatile.  Smart design for keeping metal spray tube clean.

Cons:Learning to use different settings takes time.  Plastic hose connection.

The Bottom Line: No, the plastic threads at the hose connection can strip easily.

I bought this Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler one year ago to help water a rectangular part of lawn (20' X 7').  It's not easy to find sprinklers that will offer a rectangular watering pattern.   I figured since this one had 36 settings, one was bound to work for me.  Turns out, many of the settings worked for me... 

What I Liked:
First, I like how versatile this sprinkler is.  I have to say there is a bit of a learning curve to this sprinkler since you can't just hook up the hose and start watering.  Well, with 36 settings, it's going to take some playing to figure out which setting to use where.  I have a large section of lawn that's about 40' X 60' and I've been able to find a setting that can water pretty much the whole thing at once. In fact, I like to use this sprinkler all over my lawn, just changing its settings rather than swapping another sprinkler in. It's not too tough to adjust settings. There is a yellow dial on the sprinkler that you just turn.  Turning the dial is a bit more jerky than I would like.  When I first turned it, I thought I was going to break it because it makes a clicking sound.  About every five settings are labeled on the dial with a graphic of the spray pattern so you can have some sort of idea of what the watering pattern will be like. This sprinkler is also pretty quiet.  There is a soft hum, nothing like a those Rain-bird sprinklers. 

What I Did Not Like:

This sprinkler is supposed to be pretty high quality.  In the description it says it's supposed to last for years... the motor, that is.  The spray tube itself is made of metal, and no doubt the motor does fine.  It's got a plug at the end of the metal tube that you can take off when you need to clean the metal tube out.  I haven't had to do this yet.  It's got a mesh metal filter at the hose connection that seems to help keep the metal tube free from debris.  The problem I have had with this sprinkler the hose connection.  It's made of plastic.  The sprinkler's base is made of plastic as well.  I wish that the hose connection was not made of plastic.  I'm not sure what happened, but somehow the plastic threads got stripped.  This wouldn't surprise me since hoses have metal threads that could easily wear away at plastic ones.  So, while the motor still works fine, I can't keep a hose connected to it.  It's utterly useless now.  I plan on replacing it with a similar sprinkler, but will be careful to make sure the replacement has a metal hose connection. 

Final Thoughts:
This style of sprinkler is great because it is so versatile.  I would not recommend this one because of the plastic connection.  It only lasted one summer for us.

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