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World Racing (Xbox, 2003)

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mercedes benz world racing

May 22, 2003
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Pros:this game has excellent graphics ,high detail and is extremely addictive.

Cons:no one has heard of it.

The Bottom Line: this game probably isnt for everyone but serious racers will love it.

this game deserves more exposure than it has received. I just read a review that says more or less its worthless. I think its one of the best racing games ive ever played. you start out with some extremely slow cars and they handle like lawn mowers. this is due to the fact that the default setting is halfway between sim and arcade. I prefer the arcade setting 100% since every racing game I have is set up this way. after correcting this and winning a few races it starts to become clear this isnt just another racer. you have complete can go anywhere you want anytime it might put you in last place but chances are you are already there if you decide to do it. the courses are huge you have australia,japan,swiss alps,nevada(complete with UFOs),mexico,plus a track called city,and test center, not only do you get to run road can also run offroad courses like waypoint races and some test center courses in all there are 120 different tracks and 109 cars. most of the cars are are just different versions of the same cars. there are some racing prototypes and some cool oldies. one option that I like is cockpit can use the right analog stick to look around the interior of the cars. everything from the door handles to the heater controls are there. well what really counts is how fun the races are. once you get the controls down its a blast almost subliminal I average 2to3 mistakes in a 10 minute checkpoint race and I only have about 6 hours into the game.well I could keep going but you really should check this one out if your still skeptical rent it but dont forget to stick with it at least 2 hours and I think you might agree its one of the best.

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