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What happened to the real Michelob Beer ? limecactusYUCK

Mar 14, 2011 (Updated Mar 14, 2011)
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Pros:Inexpensive, goes with salsas & Mexican cilantro meals

Cons:everything else

The Bottom Line: If you like super-limey bubbles in some hops then go for it; if you want REAL beer avoid.

I don’t like many beers and ones I do most people do not and if any drinking of hops and malt and barley go on here, it must be a unanimous decision on which brew to chug or sip. Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus delivers yeck on either activity as it is one of the worst I have tasted.

Apparently not many people have ventured into the Caribbean islands for a lime-flavored Corona which is supposed to accept lime well as the brewers of this Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus bottled beer are clueless of how much is TOO much. The kick is not a fun one and you almost wretch just to get the rest of the bottled contents down with any salty or sizzly hot chip with dip or salsa on it.

I do not recommend Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus this pilsner light over brew with way too much cactus juice and lime to even say it’s a beer to start with. Any familiarity to brew is from same color, same bubbles and same fizz but no hopping go on here baby !


A transparent long neck glass bottle with a front and back oval label showing limes and green and gold writing about alcohol by volume concentration, location of brewery and warnings. It is pale yellow and comes out even paler as it runs through the endocrine and circulatory systems, quickly.


If you have any allergic complications with citrus fruit or plant proteins, then avoid Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus as cactus juice and lime are in here. Brewed with natural flavors can bring out natural negative reactions so consume with caution.

|| COST ||

I am grateful I only wasted a little less than $7.oo bucks on a six-pack of this yeck !


Some body types and blood types swear by adding one beer a day to their daily diet to keep their particular yin-yang balanced; although I truly find no nutritional value to speak of. The thinning of thick blood and increasing flow might be healthy to a menstruating female but other than that, no good comes of this Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus pilsner. Ultra breaks down to 10% fewer calories than regular beer.


Serving Size= 12oz
Servings per bottle= 2
Calories= 95 (says so on bottle, website states higher)
Calories from fat= 0

Total Fat= 0
Saturated Fat= 0
Total Carbs= 5.5g


Over-powered with lime and in Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus is only 4.0 % alcohol by volume in here according to label while websites say 4.10-4.25%, not too different of ranges but low indeed. I find it is pathetic to try and get blitzkrieged as you’ll heave before weave, or at least I thought I would so I went for food, PIZZA worked well so brew was only semi-tolerable.

|| SMELL ||

It is as if a citrus grove of thousands got fused into one huge cactus and they had several thousand droplets of limabeers !

|| TASTE ||

Far too citrusey it is as if “a citrus grove of thousands got fused into one huge cactus and they had several thousand fruits of limabeers fall from their limbs !

|| USES ||

This supposed to quench my thirst and make me feel happy ? Don’t think so . . .


YES-- DO NOT BUY Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus should be on the label as well as the usual don’t operate machinery, don’t drink while pregnant, don’t try and get any intoxication sensation as . . . Oops that’s not on the label. Anyway, all kidding aside, this beer is not worth it so the small print warnings are irrelevant to me.


Oh I am sure any local grocery, convenient or gas station will sell this cr*$ but why waste your money when you can find a much sweeter exhilarating rush from Moscato !


If you absolutely must mix your desert fruits with citrus groves in the thousands, your pucker will be soured and heightened by a breeze perhaps if your visuals are that good when consuming a few chugs of an ice cold Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus 
The fact that it is inexpensive and different than the Honey Wheats, Berries mixers, or wines you want bold and different, this is it for sure. Bold cause it has the audacity to claim itself beer and very different because it is too lime-ish ! I do not recommend unless you really don’t care and like a lot of lime, so it gets ** stars from me
Thank you for reading and DO NOT

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