Logitech 980374-0403 Headset

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Excellent quality, and comfortable

Dec 29, 2006
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Pros:comfortable, great mic quality, good audio quality

Cons:in-line volume control is hard to adjust

The Bottom Line: I'd definitely recommend this headset for gaming and voice applications, for its good sound and excellent microphone quality.

I just purchased several of these headsets for myself and my employees, to be used with Skype for voice conferencing. The frequency response range for the microphone was better than that of all non-Logitech headsets available in BestBuy (100-16,000 Hz), and the design looked comfortable so I went with these.

I must say that so far, I'm impressed. I wear glasses, so I have had problems with headsets in the past pressing the earhooks up against my head uncomfortably, but these padded earphones seem to be just the right size that they don't do that (though if you have small ears and wear glasses, you might not have the same experience). The quality of the microphone is also excellent as compared to other headsets I've tried out, though granted most of them have been in the $15 price range (like the Logitech Internet Chat Headset) as opposed to $25 for these.

The sound is good; admittedly I'm not an expert -- the response range for the headphones for those who are, is 20-20,000 Hz. However, I will say that music sounds rich, the bass is deep, and incoming voice quality is top-notch.

The one qualm I have is with the in-line volume control -- it's a circular ring, with a raised gray dot, and it's pretty difficult to adjust. In fact, I have to use my fingernail up against the dot to do so. However, I just set it to max volume, and adjust the actual volume through Windows, so that's not too big of a deal.

I'd definitely recommend these for both gaming and voice applications. I haven't actually tried them with any voice recognition software (I don't use it), but I would bet they would work wonderfully for that as well. Also, they're almost half the price of the Logitech USB 350 headset, and the only real difference I could see was that one was USB (instead of plugging into the sound jack, as these do).

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