Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 (WTA-00001) Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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A few hints to help adjust to the new ergonomic setup

Jun 22, 2010
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Pros:great keyboard and mouse for relieving hand, wrist and arm pain

Cons:takes time to get used to it, but learning time can be accelerated.

The Bottom Line: Totally worth the investment for home or office if you're experiencing pain in arms, wrist or hands.

This setup has been the best purchase I've made in the last 10 years. So if you're just hear for my recommendation, you have it and you can move on. BUT, it's worth knowing that it did take some time to adjust to using these products and I documented what worked and what didn't.

First, an overview: The ergonomic keyboard and mouse solve start to solve what are probably some of the worst product designs in history. The keyboard qwert layout was designed to make typing harder (and thereby slow down fast typists) because the hammers on the first mechanical typewriters would stick together if you typed to fast. The keyboard was compressed to roughly the size of a pieces of paper on early typewriters to keep the hammers centered and close to the strike point on in the center.  Nobody thought about the comfort of the user.

Now this keyboard does not correct that entirely and there are keyboards that reposition the keys for faster typing--but that means learning a new keyboard layout. This angled keyboard is a step between, no new keys to learn but your hands sit in a much more comfortable position. The mouse is rounded and buttons are on the side, putting your hand in a more natural position.

It takes some time to get used to it, but if you are experiencing any hand, arm or mid back pain, changing to this will help. Here's a few hints to help speed adjustment
1) do a full ergonomic assessment and repositioning of your monitor, keyboard and seat at the same time. This makes one swift adjustment and while it may be harder to get used to many changes, it gets it done faster.
2) the mouse and keyboard don't work well with add on wrist supports--lose them and trust the keyboard and mouse design to suffice
3) type slowly and deliberately at first and practice by writing a lot in the first day or two--send emails to old friends, write reviews on Epinions, whatever

Hope this helps and again, it is a great setup and it virtually cured my repetitive stress injury pain in my fingers.

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