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Feb 13, 2010 (Updated Mar 19, 2010)
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Pros:Filtration among the best, ease of use, quiet.

Cons:Will ruin wood floors, some may find it a bit heavy.

The Bottom Line: This is the best choice for the price.  There is nothing about a Dyson that would make it a better choice than a Miele.

So you need a new vacuum?  Nowadays, choosing a vacuum is almost like choosing a cell phone, or, to some degree, even a car.  With so many styles and brands, and because some of us use it as much, it can be a fun, but confusing purchasing decision.  You're reading these reviews because you are interested in making the right choice for your home and your budget.  That is the beauty of epinions.

The Miele S7 ( I have the S7 "Tango" model S7580) is a vacuum purchase you won't regret anytime soon.  It is sold mainly through dealers, or can be purchased from dealers online.  Mine was shipped from a dealer.  Lets look at this machine and hopefully it can assist you in making your decision.  Because this is a higher priced vacuum, you probably have been looking at other vacuums in this price range such as Dyson or perhaps Riccar.  Because I've only tried the Dyson Dc28 "Airmuscle", we'll do a brief comparison later.  Let's get to the S7!

Out of the box (if purchased from a dealer's store they will likey assemble it there), as soon as you open the box, you will see what a quality machine this is.  It is carefully packed with very few loose parts.  You merely slide the top handle pole into the body and you are ready to go.  The instruction manual is very simple, but thorough, the 1st sign you made the right choice. It's also backed by an impressive 7 year warranty.

When powered on, the LED lights come on slightly before the motor comes on.  The vacuum can be adjusted by using the plus or minus keys to the setting of your choice depending on floor surface, or it can simply be placed on automatic. You can also turn off the brushroll with the push of a button for wood or delicate surfaces.  The manual is very clear and easy to follow.  The cleaning and suction is marvelous and the vacuum is easy to push and maneuver thanks to the swivel feature of the vacuum's body, similar to the concept of the Dyson "Ball". The LED lights never need replacing, and the drive belts are also permanent.

Attachments are yet another indication of the quality of this machine.  There are 3.  A dusting brush, a furniture and stair brush, and a crevice tool that is actually long.  Finally, a crevice tool that reaches into places!  All of these are stored "flat" on the back of the vacuum, almost invisible to the eye and in a manner in which they are not clumsy or will fall off.  The attachment hose easily comes off, with the option of just the hose, or with the metal, adjustable telescoping wand.  The hose is both crush and twist proof, very stretchable, and the vacuum will not tip in any way while using.

Filtration is simply unbeatable.  I've seen no vacuum come close. Dirt first travels into the vacuum and directly into a cloth bag where the air is filtered through an impressive 9 layer cloth.  Then the air travels through a prefilter, then finally exits the machine through a final hepa filter.  There is a video available showing a micron counter that shows zero particles leaving the machine.

Incredible cleaning, ease of attachments, and superior filtration make this an excellent choice.  As mentioned above, you probably are reading because you've considered other higher price machines.  I've tried the Dyson Airmuscle Dc28, which we'll briefly compare now.

Out of the box, the Dyson is poorly packed, loose parts, and has a horribly written manual that inside you'll find pictures and "cartoon" drawings of how to use the machine.  First sign this is not a vacuum that you can feel good about paying $500+ for.

The Dyson has decent suction, perhaps as good, but not better than the Miele.

It lacks a headlight, the Miele has a permanent LED headlighht. Also, the Dyson will not fit under most furniture and the attachment that lets it do so is very poor and awkward to use. The machine overall is clumsy, all plastic, and certainly has no feel that is will last very long.

Filtration on the Dyson is may seem adequate at first, but emptying a dust bin doesn't seem like it is very allergy friendly.  The Miele uses a cloth bag, that when removed, automatically seals itself so no dust escapes. Dyson uses a so-called permanent hepa filter that you simply run under water every 3 months (illustrated in the manual with a cartoon man holding it under a faucet). True hepas are NOT washable.  Take a look at a Dyson that is a year or so old and note all the dust inside and outside of the machine. Need we say more on that?

Attachments on the Dyson are very hard and awkward  to use, the vacuum tips easily, and the floor tool to get under furniture merely "glides" over the carpet. The Miele, folds flat to the floor and has a low profile to get under most furniture.  The swivel neck makes it very easy to get around corners and furniture and because the body ONLY swivels, the brushrolls stay in place with the floor surface.  I've never used the Dyson ball, but have heard complaints that when using the swivel feature, the brushes slightly lift from the surface.

In closing, I don't believe that if you are gonna shell out the money, you will ever want to return the Miele S7 for a Dyson.  The Miele is simply a machine miles ahead of others.  You do have to buy bags, but if you are paying for a cleaner home and clearer nostrils, I'd rather buy bags than empty a dirt filled dust cup and rinse out filters.

UPDATE: Do not buy this machine if you have a combination of area rugs and wood floors.  When you turn the vac over, there is a black tab on each of the upper corners on the metal brushroll plate.  These tabs are constantly falling off.  Now, one of them has chipped and severely scratched my wood floor doing permanent damage.  This vacuum has ruined my floors and I no longer recommend it.  It says it is good for ALL floors, it clearly is not, therefore I no longer advise using this machine.  If you have wall to wall carpet...ok, wood floors, avoid it!

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