Miralax Polyethylene Glycol 3350 Powder for Solution Laxative, Prescription Strength, 8.3 Ounces, 14 Day

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MiraLAX - When Constipation "Rears" its Ugly Head

Feb 3, 2008 (Updated Feb 3, 2008)
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Pros:No side effects, odorless, colorless, tasteless, fast working.


The Bottom Line: Have this as a staple in your medicine cabinet. IT works fast and is safe to use for all ages.

Nobody likes to talk about constipation but so many people struggle with it. I have found that the only time discussion about constipation is acceptable is at Gymboree when your 3 year old is fighting toilet training!

All joking aside, I was first introduced to MiraLAX at that very time. My daughter did NOT want to poop…period. It wasn’t necessarily about potty training but rather about being scared to let the poop out. She would hold it in for 2 or more weeks at a time! We tried everything but nothing would unstop that clog of control. Then my pediatrician recommended MiraLAX and promptly wrote me a prescription. That was 5 years ago. Today, MiraLAX is an over-the-counter purchase and thankfully so, because like mother like daughter… constipation plagues the over 40 set at times too.


MiraLAX is not a typical laxative. Its one and only ingredient is a powder called polyethylene glycol and that is used to ease constipation. Constipation is when your poops sort of “back up” inside because they’ve become hard and dry and difficult to pass. MiraLAX draws water to the compaction and bulks the poop up so that it can flow more freely out.

My pediatrician explained it to me years ago that MiraLAX does not affect any organs directly but instead it draws water into your intestines and such making your poops increase in volume and providing an easier time for your bowels to move it along and allow it to make its exit.

MiraLAX works differently than typical laxatives in that it has no stimulant effect on your bowels. Other laxatives help the intestines work by stimulating and relaxing the intestinal muscles and by holding water. MiraLAX doesn’t affect your organs at all. It simply draws water to the intestines and to the stool to provide a softening and filling effect.

MiraLAX is sold in differing sizes. The 8.3 ounce plastic bottle has enough powder for 14 daily doses. According to the packaging, MiraLAX recommends not using this product for more than 7 days however, when my daughter was prescribed it, my pediatrician had her on it as a daily supplement, continuously taking it daily for months on end. The prescription strength and this OTC strength are identical.

The plastic bottle’s cap serves double duty (LOL no pun intended) as a measuring cup providing 1 dose when filled to the fill line. One capful = one dose = a heaping tablespoon. This is the recommended dosage for people 17 and older.

The MiraLAX itself is a powdery, grainy-looking white substance that looks like sugar but feels like splenda. It is not gritty at all and mixes thoroughly into any beverage. It is completely tasteless.

Once you drop a capful of MiraLAX into your beverage, you stir it well. It takes a few moments to dissolve and looks a bit cloudy at first but then clears straight away. MiraLAX provides relief from constipation in as little as one day but can take up to 3 days.

An 8.3 ounce bottle of MiraLAX costs me around $12. It is worth it to have in the house all the time. There is a smaller size (4.1 ounces), a larger size (17 ounces) and now it comes in single dose packets so you can travel with them!


My experience is twofold using MiraLAX. As a mother giving it to her child, it was SO EASY. It is completely colorless, odorless and tasteless so it is simple to sneak it into any liquid. I’ve used it in juice, hot cocoa, water, and milk and I’d say milk was the only one where it look a bit longer to dissolve. My daughter’s bodily reaction to MiraLAX took (and still takes) about 2 days.

On the other hand, when constipation rears (pun INTENDED) its ugly head in my direction, MiraLAX gets mixed right into a glass of water and I literally see results within a day. There is NO cramping, NO loose stools, NO diarrhea, and NO gas.

Now, of course, I would recommend drinking lots of fluids when you are constipated and eating more fiber-rich foods or ruffage but when you need help, MiraLAX is the only product I would ever use. And I completely trust it for my entire family.

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