Mogen David Concord Aficionado

Aug 1, 2009
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Pros:Inexpensive, great tasting and very satisfying

Cons:They don't make gallon bottles or big boxes of this wine, which would be great!

The Bottom Line: This is a sweet wine for wine drinkers who want more than attitude from their beverage.

I did not care for Mogen David Concord wine the first time I tasted in 1996. But, I tried it 2 or 3 more times and, now, it is the only wine I can stand! I know, I know - it's not a "real" wine, it doesn't have a "year", it is only "grape juice with some alcohol", it is the "grossest" wine ever. Still, despite all the comments I have heard about this wine, I thoroughly enjoy a glass several times a week. Why? It is the sweetness I think I have come to enjoy. Other wines - whether rose, whites, blush - all taste dry and unruly compared to my beloved Mogen David Concord. It leaves you feeling light-headed and refreshed with a plesant after-taste. I know the majority of wine drinkers will never understand it, and always belittle it, I still find it is the best wine ever! If the Mogen David company ever knew what it took for me to enjoy their wine, I'm sure they might send me a few cases for free! After all, I live in a "damp" village in southwest Alaska. The only way you can get alcohol, is to submit your photo ID, fill out paperwork and fill out your order form. If you pass the background, check, they can send you up the limit (currently 16 1.5 liter bottles) every month. It has to be flown in on cargo planes so the cost for shipping is roughly $100.  After all the costs are tallied, each bottle runs almost $17! Far more than the $3 or $4 or even $5 most people have to pay. But, like I said before, I still find it is the best wine ever.

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