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The Mercy Women

Aug 9, 2000
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Pros:Very well-fleshed out characters; excellent descriptions and visual pictures; great plot

Cons:Quite long; gory at some points

I'm on a Nora Roberts kick. I can't help it! I read Sweet Revenge a few moths ago, and have flown through three of her other novels. I'm currently on the sixth chapter of yet another one, Public Secrets.

Before my long journey from New York to Anchorage, Mom and I went to the mall to pick out a few novels. Among these was Montana Sky, a tale about three sisters from different mothers but the same father, Jack Mercy. Jack Mercy dies and divides his ranch evenly to his three daughters, Lily, Tess and Willa, provided the three live together at Mercy Ranch for an entire year. There are a few other catches, though. First of all, these sisters never met before their father's funeral. Secondly, none of them are allowed to leave Mercy Ranch for longer than two weeks. Third, only Willa knows anything about ranching and Montana; Lily is from Virginia and Tess is from California. Fourth, Mercy Ranch is under the supervision of neighbor rancher, Ben McKinnon.

Oh, did I mention that there's a crazed killer on the loose, seemingly targeting Mercy Ranch and it's inhabitants?

This book makes for a very interesting read. Not only is there a murder, but there are also three separate love stories. Since the tale is told from the third person omniscient point-of-view, you know what everyone (including the killer) is feeling and what they are doing.

Nora Roberts paints yet another amazing picture with her words. I was able to completely visualize each location she spoke of, especially the ranches, mountains, sunset, and great Montana sky - And, I've never been there. Her characters are so incredibly well-fleshed out , too. Lily, Tess and Willa share certain qualities, but are also very different from one another. She nails the sister relationship on the head. The manner in which she describes the romance, lust, and men just has me fantasizing that some big, strong, Alaskan man is going to utterly sweep me off my feet.

Montana Sky was pretty darn long, so I wouldn't recommend it as a first-time Nora Roberts read. There is also a good deal of gore, so, if you can't handle or don't like it, perhaps you should pass on this novel. Heck, I got queasy at one point, and I worked on a horror film.

I really found myself relating to the tomboy character of Willa. It was nearly me to a T! I found myself comparing certain aspects of Tess to Dionne (my best friend) and qualities of Lily to Julienne (my sister). There were so many different types of men and women in this book, you'll be able to relate yourself and/or people you know to at least one character. It's amazing how human her characters really are.

Montana Sky isn't the best Nora Roberts book I've read, but it certainly was good. I do recommend it - I'm going to give it to Dionne when I see her - but with caution.

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