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Moon Marble Company and Museum, Bonner Springs, KS

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Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, KS

Nov 11, 2011
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Pros:the owner giving the demostrations is friendly and knowledgeable, cool marbles

Cons:short visit, mostly a store

The Bottom Line: It's pretty interesting to see a marble being made and it's all free, though the kiddos will beg you to buy something in their extensive store.

A couple birthdays back my son got a tube of marbles from a friend. She had gone to Moon Marble Company to pick them out for him. We kept meaning to make it out there and finally did last May.

The hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm. There was plenty of parking in a parking lot behind the store.

Moon Marble Company is considered one of the 8 wonders of Kansas Commerce, according to the Kansas Sampler Foundation, because  it is the only store in the country where you can buy toy marbles as well as handmade marbles, plus watch them being made. It is about in Bonner Springs, about 20 minutes from Kansas City, Missouri.

About two thirds of the place is a store. They have a huge area filled with what looks almost like bins of jelly bellies, but is really all different colors and sizes of marbles. Another portion has old fashioned/traditional toys and games with lots of wooden or metal toys like slinkies, wooden yoyos, those wooden paddles with a ball attached on a string, and more.

But the cool aspect of the place is that they have demonstrations. On Tuesday, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10:30-  3, about every half hour, owner Bruce Breslow shows us how to make a marble. He gives a great history lesson about the company as well, while showing us the different tools and materials used to make a marble. He makes an actual marble during the presentation. There is seating for about 50 people (maybe more) and a video camera and screen shows a close up of his work. He also came through the stands to show us part of the process as well. He was a humorous, down-to-earth guy and gave a nice demonstration. It lasted about 20 minutes. Kids may get a little antsy near the end, but they do get to see the finished product (well almost finished, it's not quite ready to go out on the floor to sell at that point).

They also have annual events, one in March, and another in May where people from all over come to play marbles.

Overall, if you live in the Kansas City area you should definitely check  out this free demonstration at some point. And if you are visiting the area (or heading to the Renaissance Faire nearby) it's worth a relatively short visit. I am sure we will be back. Plus we found a very lovely marble that we bought. It's nice to support local artists as well.

Thanks to popsrocks for adding this to the database for me to be able to review.

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