Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance [Platinum Hits]  (Xbox, 2003) Reviews
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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance [Platinum Hits] (Xbox, 2003)

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MORTAL KOMBAT DEADLY ALLIANCE-The Fighting Game Of The New Millennium!!!

May 4, 2003
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Pros:Great Graphics Great Storyline Great Features And Game Play

Cons:Storyline Video Graphics Are More Impressive Than The Graphics When You Are Actually Playing It.

The Bottom Line: I strongly recommend you buy Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance!!! It definitely lives up to its title as "The Greatest Fighting Game Of All Time!!!"

The creators Of the Mortal Kombat series have released their first game for all three next-generation consoles. The Nintendo Gamecube, The Sony Playstation 2, and Of course The Microsoft Xbox. This text refers to the Microsoft Xbox edition. The creators of the Mortal Kombat series to say it simply, "have done it once again". Reviewers everywhere have called it "The Greatest Fighting Game Of All Time". This is without a doubt "the truth". With extremely impressive graphics, it just look incredibly real. A storyline so creative and in depth it leaves you dying for more. Unlike previous MK games you now have REAL martial arts and real martial arts techniques. This alone makes it worth buying the game! It only adds to the gameplay making it closer and closer to reality(scary...). A new feature has been added to the game, it is called "The Krypt". You earn money by battling and you then go to The Krypt and purchase items that, in case you are wondering, are contained in actual coffins(shutter). The items vary from secret characters and character costumes to original MK artwork and videos. The only con in this game is that the storyline graphics are greater than the graphics when you are actually playing the game. Oh and the best part. In each Mortal Kombat game the character known as Reptile slowly deevolved. Now he is almost fully reptile. Not to mention his character ending.(spoilers!!!!)

"The prophecy had been forfilled, the long forgotten Dragon King had returned." At the end of Reptiles story he transforms into the Dragon King, which ironically is what the next game will be about. "Mortal Kombat: Return Of The Dragon King". I STRONGLY recommend you buy "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance" It definitely lives up to its title as "The Greatest Fighting Game Of All Time!!!"

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The relaunch of the fighting series with an all-new engine delivering punishing action, and new combos and fatalities.
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