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Mother-ease - A Good Quality Diaper for a Reasonable Price!

Aug 20, 2002 (Updated Jul 15, 2004)
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Pros:Very absorbent, good size adjustment, durable, well made, NO LEAKS

Cons:Bulky for small babies, not as soft as flannel

The Bottom Line: Value for money! Very absorbent, well made, adjustable and NO LEAKS!!!

I have always used cloth diapers, however, when my now 10 year old was a baby the cloth diaper choices were limited and thus, very easy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the wide range of cloth diapers NOW on the market. The choices were daunting! I purchased several types, flanelette fold your own, Chinese cotton prefolds, Kushies prefolds, Size to fit and Mother-ease.

The Mother-ease diapers are very well made, nicely finished with binding around all the seams. They are made mostly of cotton terry but have a very small amount of polyester to prevent shrinkage. I have used British Terry nappies in the past and although this diaper is terry it is not as soft as the British ones. It is not quite as soft as my flanelette diapers either. However, I DO use disposable diaper liners in ALL my cloth diapers and so the softness is not really an issue for me. (disposable liners are also available through mother-ease).

They are called 'One Size' but I don't think it is the same as 'One Size Fits All'. I think they would be too bulky for a newborn. There are two rows of plastic snaps across the front of the diaper. This allows you to snap the diaper together so it is smaller. There are also a row of snaps across the front to allow you to overlap the sides of the diaper to make it fit a smaller waisted baby. The combinations of 'snap' possibilities make this diaper fit about a 12lb baby to a toddler!

There are also snap-in liners available which allow you to increase the absorbency of the diaper. I already find the diaper very absorbent without the liner but use it with the liner if going on a long day trip with my child OR for a night time diaper. Again, the snap-in liner will increase the bulkiness and I found when my child was smaller (18lbs) I could not get some of his more close fitting shortalls to stay snapped up if he was wearing a diaper with liner combination.

I have been using these diapers for over a year now and have NEVER had a leak! Since I use the disposable diaper liners I never have to scrape 'poop' off of diapers so don't have to deal with stains. I have found that the diapers wash up well and withstand frequent washings. They look JUST like new!

Mother-ease has an Introductory offer where you can try out a one-size diaper, liner and cover for a very good price of $16.95. I order this introductory package before I placed my order for the diapers. You can also purchase bleached or unbleached diapers. I might mention, I also have tried many many diaper covers and Mother-Ease makes THE BEST diaper cover I have encountered (better than Bummis Industrial covers - which are MUCH more expensive).

The Mother-ease diaper, when used without a disposable liner, is probably not as soft as flanellette diapers but they are very absorbent and well made. They wash up well, are durable, easy to adjust the size and certainly not as expensive as some of the diaper choices on the market. Of all my diaper purchases Mother-ease is tied with Size To Fit for my top choice. It is value for money!!

UPDATE: My almost 3 year old is resisting toilet training so I am STILL using all the brands of diapers I bought so here is an update on DURABILITY after 3 years of use:

Kooshies - never used due to bad design
Square fold it yourself flannel - thinned out and some fraying on edges lost alot of absorbancy
Chinese Pre-folds - still works fine and all are still in use - some fraying on edges but minimal
Size To Fit: Some have actually fallen apart and I have had to throw out three of them. The ones which are still holding together are fine.
Mother-Ease & Sandy's: Good as new. No wear, fit fine due to multiple snaps and are as absorbant as ever. If I were to buy diapers again I would just skip the others and by Mother Ease Sandy's Diapers (first choice) or Mother Ease standard diapers.

I am HOPING to be able to do a review on potty seats soon!

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