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Desktop Dock for Motorola Droid X (89430n)

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Useful, But It Could Be Better

Mar 9, 2011
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Pros:Useful, and can be used to power, charge, and exchange data with other USB devices

Cons:The USB and HDMI sockets in the cradle need care to insert and remove.

The Bottom Line: Get it if you want a neat USB charging package for your Droid X and other devices that use micro USB ports.

The Motorola Desktop Dock for the Droid X works pretty much as you would expect it to.  The carton contains a solid feeling black plastic docking station, a micro USB cable, and a USB AC adapter.  You plug the AC adapter into the wall, and the USB cable into the adapter.  The micro USB plug fits into the rear of the dock.  When you place your Droid X into the dock's cradle, it starts charging and brings up a desk clock on the display.  While in the dock, you can also use the Droid X for playing music, displaying YouTube videos or as a desktop slide show for your pictures, as well as most other Android application.  In this respect, it's pretty handy.  It makes your Droid X into a good travel alarm clock, and serves the purpose of recharging your Droid X.  I frequently have the Droid X by my bedside at night, and the cradle works well.  I also have a second docking cradle that I leave at my desk at work for a quick charge, and a convenient place to put the phone.

The one downside to the Motorola Desktop Dock is that it's hard to quickly get in and out of the cradle, especially if you're in a hurry.  The Droid X has two small sockets of the side of the phone; the USB socket, and a micro HDMI socket used for displaying HDMI videos to a TV.  Because these sockets are small, close together, and fairly tight fitting, it makes the Droid X difficult to line up when placing it in the cradle.  It also makes it difficult to quickly extract the phone from the socket to answer the phone because the sockets bind slightly.  If Motorola had left the HDMI socket out of the docking cradle, I think the cradle would be easier to use and I would give it a better rating.

The quality of the dock itself is quite good.  The black plastic base is weighted, and tilts the phone back at a comfortable angle for viewing.  Since the USB cable can be separated from the dock's base, it means that you can charge the phone by just sticking the USB cable into the phone.  You can also use the USB cable to charge your phone using your computer, and transfer data back and forth, and since the micro USB cable is an industry standard, you may have other electronic devices you can use it with such as other phones and camerias.  As a final bonus, you can use the AC adapter to charge other USB powered devices.  The dock, charger, and cable make for a pretty versatile package.

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