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Dec 25, 2009
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Pros:Very high build quality

Cons:Jack of all trades. Master of none.

The Bottom Line: Geeky and fumbly "Secret-Agent" device that carries a costly contract and does nothing well. A cheap Iphone knock-off sucking up to Google and Youtube for advertisement and brand identity.

This gadget does not mix well with the busy user and it's a super cheap knock off of an iphone.

Despite its apparent high build quality and listing of serious features, it’s fumbly with a difficult to activate “light up” button. The user has to find and correctly press this button to light up the screen. Then, there is an on screen slider that has to be correctly slid to unlock the device. Then, the user has to find the icon to activate the phone or find the messaging icon to go to messaging. There is another slider to reveal all of the phone’s features: gmail, maps, a camera and several other doohickeys this gadget has. A system hang is resolved by pulling out the battery causing loss of data.

As a phone, it is terribly fumbly. One has to be able to use both hands to operate it. The audio quality through the earpiece is acceptable and callers do not complain about voice quality going out unless the unit is in a noisy environment. There is a vibrate mode but it takes time to locate the rocker switch to pull down the ringer volume until the vibrate mode is achieved.

When coupled with its plastic protective case, the unit slips and slides all over the place: out of pockets, inside bags, on table tops and all over the floor.

As a texting tool, again, it is terribly fumbly. Here, it tries to be an iphone by allowing a portrait or a landscape view of the screen image but only in two directions. It takes both hands to operate the various buttons, on-screen icons and the slide out keyboard. The screen’s brightness masks the keyboard so it is difficult to see the flat and uniform buttons even though the keyboard is backlit slightly: this makes texting in a dark setting nearly impossible. Symbols are limited to what is available on the keyboard. The user never knows when a message arrives because the unit does not give any indication.

Its other features are unusable. The maps are too small to be visible and usable. Its navigation takes too many presses, pushes, sweeps and slides to be practical. Its web browser is microscopic but it is possible to see a youtube video in full screen mode.

So the unit is optimized for google and youtube and little else.

The 5 megapixel camera cannot focus in the dark even though there are ample point light sources. The flash device is ineffective. Color balance is always off and the user never knows when the photo was taken: when it flashed, when it made a loud “clack-clack”, when the screen went dark or when the screen lit up again.

There is a 14 gig micro-SD chip but it is not easily accessible on a PC. The unit gets recognized by a Windows 7 computer but fails to appear in the listing of drives or attached devices so it is not possible to transfer files (like photo files). However, the unit does appear on a Windows Vista computer. An XP computer does not recognize the unit at all and downloading drivers and utilities goes nowhere.

The battery lasts only several hours causing the user to hunt down wall outlets or USB ports to keep the unit charged.

There are system icons galore that make no sense: a frowny face, a lightning bolt, red and white arrows. And there ar noises, grunts, moans and an occasional "droid" sound. Some make sense: the bar display that averages three bars and the battery indicator that sinks before the user's eyes. There is even an annoying prompt to go hunt down a wall outlet.

A perfectly useless gadget in every manner: it is a difficult phone to use; it is a difficult texting tool to use; it is an inaccessible mass storage drive; its screen is too small for anything but tiny video games; its 5 megapixel camera gives fuzzy pictures; its navigation is too user intensive; its screen is too small.

Yuppies would love this device for anything other than critical business use: like playing World of Warcraft or Call of Duty.

It’s a toy dressed up as a business tool.

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