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Mr. Coffee ECM20??? (840356276052)

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Mr. Coffee ECM20 gasket wear causes steam leakage that renders the machine useless

Apr 5, 2007
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Pros:Fast, easy to use, and saves me $3 for a latte or cappuccino.

Cons:Control knob sticks, capacity small, gasket problem should be addressed.

The Bottom Line: Only buy with the understanding that it is a cheap entry-level latte machine, suited more to occasional rather than daily use and may become useless in a year.

When my wife got me an espresso maker for Christmas 2006 I thought I'd never use it but I use it every day and really enjoy my latte 2 or 3 times a day. I used to have the old fashioned, screw-together, 2 piece, stove-top Italian espresso maker but it didn't stream milk.
My daughter lost the carafe and basket for hers so she gave me her machine. My only complaint design/wise is the knob. It's tough to turn if your hands are damp.
But after about a year's use the gasket above the coffee basket that keeps the thing pressurized just got worn out--on both machines.
There is only one screw holding it in place so it's an easy matter to replace it, BUT I can't find the gasket anywhere.
I can't seem to get any help from the company.
So now both my espresso makers are useless.
Even though they are pretty inexpensive I hate to throw them out if all they need is that gasket. I'm quite frugal that way (it took me quite awhile to get rid of my Kaypro computer, which was pretty much obsolete before it arrived).
You'd think they would offer replacements for a part that wears so quickly.
If I don't hear from Senior Cafe fairly soon I may just look around for some similar gasket material and try to fabricate my own.
This whole fancy coffee thing has gotten out of hand. At first, I'd feel disturbed by poor foam production (my fault, not the machine's). Two years ago I drank instant with artificial creamer and sweetener and couldn't care less.
Now I'm copping an attitude about froth? Having a bad foam day?
Gimme a break! Half the people in the world are living under bushes, eating bugs to survive.
Still, it's bothersome. The US government has spy satellites that can read your newspaper over your shoulder and Mr. Coffee can't send a couple of lousy plastic gaskets?!!

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Mr. Coffee ECM20 is an easy-to-use and inexpensive espresso machine that brews with steam to make rich and fine espresso and cappuccino. The Mr. Coffe...
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