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Mr. Coffee IDS50 Electric Blades Grinder

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Grounds For Owning The Mr Coffee IDS50 Electric Blade Grinder

Mar 14, 2010 (Updated Mar 14, 2010)
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Pros:Decent grind, Inexpensive, Small size, Easy cleaning

Cons:Small grind chamber, Crude cord storage

The Bottom Line: The Mr Coffee IDS50 Blade grinder is an inexpensive choice which delivers a decent grind - 2.3oz chamber is a bit small.

We've owned the Mr Coffee IDS50 Electric Blade Grinder for a number of years.  It has worked extremely well and without fail allowing us to grind whole bean or specialty coffees which we do on a very regular basis.  It worked so well for us, we picked up a second machine for my mother.  She's been using hers for years without issue as well. 

The marketing folks at Mr Coffee want to brag about the large transfer lid on the IDS50 designed for coffee grounds.  I'm not exactly sure they were talking about this machine because personally I find the lid and the size of the grinding chamber which they rate at 2.3 ounces to be somewhat small.  I would actually have preferred a slightly larger grinder which would have made the machine even easier to use.  We are regular coffee drinkers in our home and generally like to grind enough coffee for a week or two at a time.  The "large transfer lid" on our IDS50 means we do have to go through the process of adding the beans and grinding a number of times each time we decide to grind coffee.  While the small grinding chamber is a somewhat negative point, you may be happy that only a very limited storage space will be required by the small machine footprint and overall dimensions.

Mr. Coffee claims that the round grinding chamber helps to deliver  a consistent grind over some of the other manufacturer's oval designs.  Our results would suggest you end up with a "fairly consistent" overall grind.  Within about fifteen seconds or slightly longer, I find we get a reasonable grind without pulverizing the beans to dust.  For a blade style grinder, I feel we do get the grind I expected, always delivering a great cup of coffee.

There's no question the safety switch built into the Mr Coffee IDS50 Electric Blade Grinder works exactly as designed.  To get the blades in motion, the transfer lid cover must be in place before the start button can be depressed.  This design eliminates the possibility of any injury by moving blades.

The electrical cord supplied with this model is just over two feet long and is stored under the unit in a rather crude "wrap-around" method.  The cord does not always stay securely in place.  Since we end up stuffing the grinder back into it's original box and returning it to the cupboard, the loose cord really isn't an issue for us.

I like the rubber feet that were designed under the IDS50.  They were added to give the grinder some added stability while the machine does it's thing.  The grinder stays firmly planted without bouncing or moving around while in use.  This also will assure that you should not end up with scratched counter tops, especially those consumers with laminate surfaces.

You will like the fact this model is extremely easy to clean.  There is a rather simple cleaning brush built into the side of the unit.  We never use it.   We simply wipe down both the inside of the grinding chamber with a damp cloth as well as the exterior of the machine.  Finally, you will only have to rinse the plastic transfer lid with water meaning the entire cleaning process is done in a minute or two.  

This is probably one of the most simple blade grinders you could possibly find available on the market, if this is your desire, Mr Coffee has delivered.  At under $15.00 the Mr Coffee IDS50 Electric Blade Grinder is an inexpensive choice and does the job as well as any of the pricier options on the market. Our little grinder has held up well for five or six years of fairly heavy use. Despite the limited size, based on the fair price and the machine's durability, I still have to offer up four Epinions stars and a buy recommendation.

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