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Mr Heater MH9BX Heater

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Mr. Heater Indoor / Outdoor Portable Gas Heater

Dec 23, 2011
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Pros:Can be used indoors, good for a tent or blind.

Cons:Not good in extreme wind, cold, rain or high elevations. Pilot light has problems

The Bottom Line: The Mr. Heater is a good addition to your camping or hunting gear.

Mr. Heater Buddy – Portable LP Gas (MH9BX) 

      This winter has been exceptionally dry and cold in the mountains of Northern California. I raise AKC Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds. During the winter months I have to keep new born puppies extra warm. During their first two weeks of life they don’t generate much body heat and they can get cold very easy. I heat with a wood stove. When the fire goes out for the night it can get fairly cold. The last few nights it’s dropped down to nine degrees outside. I have been using a small electric space heater to keep the puppies warm.  As the temps continue to drop to single digits, I decided to go purchase a Mr. Heater propane area heater. I liked the idea of this heater because I can also use it for camping, hunting or fishing trips. In addition to the small electric heater it should keep my whelping room toasty. The main reason I made this purchase is for its indoor / outdoor use. Gas stoves that you can use indoors without a direct vent are a fairly new product. 

 ~ No Electricity Required
~ CSA Certified for Indoor Use
~ Automatic low oxygen shut off system
~ Tip-over safety Shut-off
~ Works Indoor or Outdoor
~ Easy Carry Handle
~ Weight – 11 L.B.S.
~ Detentions – Length 13” X Width 7” X Height 15”
~ Manufacturer Warranty - 12 months parts & 12 months labor
~ Low - 4,000 BTU
~ High - 9,000 BTU
~ Heats up to 200 square feet

My Experience

            I was looking forward to getting my new Mr. Heater Buddy fired up and running. The heater comes ready to use, all I needed was the propane. I purchased a few small camping bottles of propane. The valve where the propane bottle screws on actually folds out. This makes it real easy (user friendly) to connect the 1 lbs. cylinders of propane. The system has to be purged of air, so you hold the button down for 30 seconds then light the pilot. The heater must also be setting on a table or floor because of the tip over shut off switch. It took me about 30 minutes to get the pilot to light. I am not sure what the issue was but eventually the pilot lit. After I finally managed to get the pilot going I placed the setting on low and the heater began working. It generates a fair amount of radiant heat. On the low setting it puts radiant heat out to approximately 15” inches, on the high setting about two feet. Without a fan the heat goes straight to the ceiling. The 1 lbs. camping cylinders of propane lasts about five hours on the low setting. It’ll last three hours on the high setting. I used the Mr. Heater Buddy – Portable LP Gas for one night. The fumes from the propane being burned were just too powerful. I know the heater has the low oxygen sensor which is neat and unique but the concentration of the propane fumes after a few hours is powerful strong. It was strong enough that I didn’t feel comfortable using it around my pups anymore. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping with it on either. Although it worked as advertised it didn’t work for what I intended it for.


            Although I had a problem getting the heater to work and the fumes are strong, I’ll still be able to use Mr. Heater Buddy. I would use the heater in a tent or cabin with a window or door cracked. It’d also work well for keeping warm while in a blind or tailgate party. Anywhere you’d use an outside heater; you can use the Mr. Heater Buddy. I’ll also use it in my garage and shop to take the edge off when it’s extra cold. Another thing I like about this heater is that I can buy the connections to hook into a larger5 gallon (20#) LP tank. When I’m around the house I’ll use a larger five gallon LP tank and a twelve foot of hose. Where you can use the larger refillable propane tanks, you should. It’s a whole lot cheaper than running the small1 lbs. camping cylinders. I always keep lots of the small camping cylinders around for my lanterns. It’s nice having lights and heaters that run on the same fuel source. This heater will have problems working in elevations above 7,000 feet. Problems have also been reported on very cold or windy days with the pilot light. I have used stick matches to light mine in the past. I find the Mr. Heater to be a decent all around heater. If you are hunkered up in a cold tent somewhere the Mr. Heater would come in pretty darn handy. I also like the safety features. I would recommend the Mr. Heater to ardent campers and hunters.
Joe McMaster © 2011

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