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Mr. Coffee IDS55 Electric Blades Grinder

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Mr. Coffee Grinder IDS55: Simple, Durable, All I need in a Grinder

Dec 9, 2009
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Pros:Simple, easy to use, durable.. everything I need in a grinder.

Cons:A bit messy if you aren't careful.  Not for commercial/industrial use.

The Bottom Line: Fresh Grinds what I need to make a great cup of coffee.  Inexpensive, Durable, well designed, what else do I need?

The Mr. Coffee IDS55  Coffee Grinder is simple, durable, reliable and gives me what I want in a Grinder.
It will cost you around $15 to 20 dollars.


I grind my own coffee a few moments before I brew my coffee.  I used to do the stove top method, then I switched to a drip coffee maker, then a more expensive drip and esspresso coffee maker and for the last few years I've been in coffee drinkers heaven making my brew via the French Press method.  Hey the founder of Starbucks prefers his coffee this way too.

In case you are wondering I make my own blend of coffee from a few bags of beans I buy at Costco to save money.   Usually I mix medium and dark roasts often from Sumatra and Ethiopia.  I like a strong robust cup of coffee with some citrus after-tastes.

I've had at least  four different coffee grinders and tried several others over the years at other people's houses and at place I have worked.   I rarely grind more than one pot's worth of beans at a time, so I don't have much use for the grinders that allow you to grind several scoops of grounds at once.  I mean the purpose in grinding your own coffee is to have a very fresh grind.

  I don't need pretty lights, or a reserve container the grounds are supposed to fall into so you can transfer it without spilling it to the coffee pot or French press.   If I spill a few grounds, I'll clean it up.
I have gone on trips and ground several pots worth of coffee at one time.  I've done about 6 or 7 pots at one time.   The unit does hold up to this intense kind of use. It starts to get very warm by the time you grind 6 pots of coffee worth.  So this is obviously noit the intended use for this product.

Grinder Model IDS55 Experience
I've been using a basic Mr. Coffee Grinder for years.  Inexpensive, easy to use, and it does the job.   I bought a simple version a few years back of another brand and it stopped working within a few months, I bought a fancier larger Mr. Coffee grinder, but the extra features actually annoyed me and it took up more counter space then the basic model.

The  Mr. Coffee Coffee Grinder IDS 55 is available in white or black and costs under $20.  I've only bought two of them in the last 15 years and use them several times every day.


It's easy to use.  You pour some coffee beans into the round stainless steel grinding chamber with the blade grinders and the place the clear lid in place on top and push down the switch to activate.  It will grind enough to make more than you need for a large capacity drip coffee maker (12 cups or more).

It operates with a safety switch so that means the grinder won't work until the lid is properly locked into place.   You run the grinder for 8 to 15 seconds  depending upon how fine you want your grinds... mine are done in 8.  Then you can be sloppy  and carefully lift up the lid, or you can tip the unit over holding the top in place, tap it gentle for the grinds to fall into the cup and then release the cup from the grinder and pour it into your French press of coffee maker.   It's easy and uncomplicated.

If you are a little on the sloppy side by nature, you'll make a bit of a mess because some coffee grind dust will escape from the unit.   So what, clean it up... smells great...

I know from experience how many beans to put into the grinder to make a good pot of coffee.  Trial and error to your particular taste is the way to go.   I know my French Press makes a darn good cup of Joe when I grind the beans for approximately 7 to 8 seconds.
The model is basic and does not have a brush to clean the grinder bowl, which should be kept dry.  The oils from the bean will build up and you'll get some ground bean residue that will need to be emptied once or twice a week.  You take a dry paper towel and wipe the inside of the grinder chamber over a trash back and you are done.   

I have used my current model for over a year.  The one I had before this model lasted  over a dozen years and then the safety switch malfunctioned.    I never got the blades sharpened or had any trouble with it.   I tried several fancier models and missed the simplicity of this inexpensive model, so I went back to using it again.

It's simple, and uncomplicated which is how I want each morning to start off.

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