Dr. Petti Wagner - Murdered Heiress Living Witness

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Aug 18, 2002 (Updated Jan 7, 2004)
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Pros:fast-paced, interesting, photos, documented, easy to read

Cons:some might be skeptical of the story, but it is still enjoyable

The Bottom Line: Looking for a good book? This is it! Whether or not you believe it is true, it is still a fabulous story. Very well done, and unusual.

Every month, the bestseller's list is full of books that are promoted as being the most "fascinating, unusual, captivating, exciting, creative, ".....the list goes on and on.

Okay. This book, MURDERED HEIRESS LIVING WITNESS by Petti Wagner is what the hottest fiction is made of. The intrigue, action and wacko plot is just what people clamor for.

After all, I have yet to read a fiction or sci fi story about:

~a very wealthy woman who is an heiress to a fortune of a company that is a household name

~a story about this heiress arising to greatness and accomplishment that most of us only dream of

~a story about this heiress with numerous inventions and successful businesses to her credit with everything going her way...

...until some of her employees decide to take it for themselves..

So they torture and murder her.

But what they did not expect is that she comes back from the dead to bring restitution on them!!!!!

Have YOU ever read a fiction book like that?

Well, if you read this one, you still will not have. You see, this book is supposed to be TRUE!!!!!


I first heard Petti's story in a radio interview and was laughing so hard at the wacky details that I just HAD to get the book. Such a crazy story HAD to be true. Not even the greatest fiction writers have created such a fascinating and interesting story.

The interview was with a man named Sid Roth. Sid is a Jewish man who claims to know the Messiah, Yeshua (translated into Greek is best known to most Americans as Jesus (Hebrew translation is Yeshua) Christ (the Messiah). Because of his excitement about Yeshua and the way that Sid says Yeshua interacts today in the life of people, He looks for documented stories of people who have had unusual or interesting experiences with Yeshua in their lives and then interviews them for his show.

Although Sid has television shows on throughout the country now, at the time I heard this interveiw he did with Dr. Petti Wagner, his show was limited to radio. Most of the guests that Sid has had on his show are fascinating and interesting. Having met several of the former guests from his show, I have seen that Sid has a tendency to choose guests who have documented stories that are genuine and not the "NATIONAL ENQUIRER" type of stuff.

Before I outline the general story of the book, please allow me to introduce you to this amazing little woman through the information laid out in the beginning of the book itself.


Petti Wagner was born in 1915 as Daisy Olive Peet. She was "born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth". She and her sisters and brothers lived with limousines, silk, spacious homes, and lots of wealthy family members around her. She was far removed from the average poor girls of her time who barely survived and had to wear cumbersome and uncomfortable clothing.

In her affluent home in Iowa, she and her eleven siblings were trained up to be refined, socially accomplished, able to discuss world issues, and very highly trained in literature and intelligent thinking.

However, one thing bothered Petti. She was the ugly duckling. Her sisters were all beautiful, but she was not attractive. This bothered her, and her parents ,being of the frank sort, did nothing to argue the fact that she was considered homely. They only told her that inside she was beautiful.

She dreamed of being a famous person someday that would change the world. That dream would become a reality in the future.

At the age of four, Petti asked Yeshua to come into her heart and be her guide and personal messiah. As she grew up, however, her desire to prove herself became an obsession.

She graduated at age 14 from high school as valedictorian and entered University that same year. Her father made each child work their way through school, and then would pay for anything beyond that. The silver spoon was gone.

Petti gained many degrees, from Masters in Psychology, to PhD in the same field, as well as a PhD in Medical Research. She was the heiress to the Polmolive fortune, but she wanted to be MORE than an heiress. She wanted to achieve.

As a teenager, Petti developed the first cold wave permanent for hair, and became a millionairess on her own. No help from her family. She also developed a machine to help polio victims rehabilitate.

FORTUNE magazine used to call her the LADY WITH THE GOLDEN TOUCH.

Eventually, she married a diplomat and in an effort to help others achieve happy marriages, she made a very successful marriage matching business with results that were staggering. But her own marriage was a disaster.

Many years, and children later, Petti began to realize that she had abandoned her commitment to Yeshua and prayed for strong faith again. She felt that she had a need for God, despite her vast success and immense riches.

That prayer was soon to be answered when her son was in a car accident and almost lost his legs. That followed with Petti being diagnosed with six cancers and very serious prognosis.

Petti had been raised on the best food, as well as a knowledge that good things come from God and bad things from Satan, so she told the doctors that she was going to resist the devil and he would flee from her.

She ran from the office and on her way to the car, was struck by an unseen force, saw lightning, and when she woke up, she was hungry and ate. A month later, the doctors finally talked her into further tests, and the cancers were all gone.

Again, she had cancer some time later, (she smoked a lot) and her new doctor prayed with her and the cancer vanished again.


From that time on, Petti continued to prosper financially in unbelievable ways. The book goes on to tell in first person how Petti began to gain so much money and position that she could barely keep up with it. She became a regular visitor in places of prestige, including the White House. There are many photos in the book of her back then with many people, including George Bush Senior in 1971.

The main story of this book is not to show how great Petti Wagner was, but to tell the amazing story of her survival and what happened to her when God saved her from a horrendous nightmare.

At one point, Petti had so much responsibility, she eventually gave more of the duties to others, desiring to have a more relaxed life. She set up many scholarships for students, and gave away some money to needy people.

Then she began to relegate responsibility to a woman named Zelda. Very capable, giving attention to details, Zelda took care of Petti's every need, even those that she did not mention to Zelda.

However, something felt wrong.

Petti received a letter from a person she did not know, but termed a "holy roller" who said that God gave her a vision that something horrible was going to happen, but that God would save Petti and bring an amazing glory from it all. Petti was upset, and thought the writer was nuts.

What ensued from this point on was a most amazing story of torture and murder. From being poisoned by Zelda in her food, to kidnapping, imprisonment in a iron grated room, beating, electrocution, and even death, Petti tells of the continuous miracles that God did to help her survive and escape with the odds against her.


The writing style of this book is very easy to read. It is told in first person, and very well laid out. The font is an easy font to read, being uncluttered, and large enough even for older readers.

In this book, there are a number of documents, photos and evidence presented to show that this woman was not making this all up. All documents told of in the story are included, as are photos of the place where she was held, beaten and electrocuted.

The large amount of evidence included in the book only adds to the wonder of it all. I found that to be an excellent inclusion.


MURDERED HEIRESS LIVING WITNESS by Petti Wagner is a paperback book. My copy is published by ACTS PUBLISHING. It is 208 pages long and the copyright is 1984.

The book is also available on Amazon.com, and I am not sure if the publisher has changed. It is also available used on the Zshops section of Amazon.com as well.

I have seen this book available online at other booksellers as well. To my knowledge, it is still in print, but did go out of print once.


I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great exciting book to read. If you like action, intrigue, mystery, details, unusual plots, thrillers, horror - pretty much a wide range of reading, then this book is a MUST HAVE.

I found this book to be highly enjoyable, easy to read, and thought provoking. On the interview that I had heard before purchasing the book, Dr. Wagner sounded a lot like my grandmother, so I guess that is why I found her easy to listen to.

Even if you are tempted to not believe what Petti says in the book, you have to read it just for the amazing storyline. It is quite entertaining and fun.

I will say one thing to those who, like me, might be tempted at first to doubt the validity of this woman's testimony. We have friends that knew the pastor that wrote the forward of this book in Texas. He has since passed away- John Osteen. Our friends were very deeply involved with truth and did not buy into anything. John Osteen was the same way. If he endorsed this book, it is most likely genuine and true to the best of his knowledge at the time.

I am not sure if Petti herself is still alive. I really have not heard. I will say I find it rather odd that there is almost no mention of her on the internet other than this book. There could be any number of reasons for this, nonetheless, I find it odd.

Oh- and there is also an introduction from Petti's lawyer, signed.

Get this book and read it. You will want to read it again. It is just too amazing to put down. It is an easy book to read. Lots of action and keeps your attention. ....

This book should be on the best sellers list. A story like this DESERVES recognition, true or not.

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