Murine Earigate Ear Cleansing System 3.3 Ounces Reviews

Murine Earigate Ear Cleansing System 3.3 Ounces

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Murine Earigate- yes and no.

Nov 18, 2007
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Pros:works, I didn't get dizzy when I used it.

Cons:expensive, messy, smelly.

The Bottom Line: This will clean the excess wax out of the ear canal, but it is rather messy and it is costly!

When I saw the Murine Eargate Ear Cleaning System advertised on TV, I told my husband I need 5 or 6 cans of that- I have a really hard time with earwax build up, and the last time I used the Murine Ear Wax Removal System with the little bulb you pump the water in your ear with it, I made myself entirely too dizzy when the water hit my eardrum. I thought this would be a safe, less dizzying way to clean the excess was out of my ears.

You get a 3.3 oz can of this stuff and it is priced at a whopping $14.83- but despite the price, I was willing to try it out anyway- if it worked better than others out there it would be worth the price.

There are two versions of this- the adult version like pictured here with a clear blue tinted cap and blue writing on the can, and then a kids version that is a seafoam green with a green tinted cap. I didn’t see the children’s version available at my Wal-Mart though, and I would have like to had it for my older child to use on her.

Anyway, here are some claims from

“New Murine Earigate is the first home product to help prevent ear wax build-up quickly, safely and painlessly. Its patented reverse-spray nozzle gently sprays natural-source sea water backwards out of the ear, cleansing the canal without pressure on sensitive ear drums.

The nozzle has a soft round tip that’s designed so you can’t push the nozzle too far into the ear canal so it does not come in contact with the eardrum and surrounding membrane.

With regular use, it helps to prevent ear wax build up and it is 100% hypoallergenic and natural.”
Ingredients (from can):
Isotonic, desalinated, 100% natural source sea water, no preservatives, and hypoallergenic.

Directions state to remove the protective cap, then you will need to put the nozzle onto the little spot on the can where it connects, making sure you don’t do like me and spray the stuff all over yourself. Anyway, once you are ready to put it into your ears, you need to lean over the sink and insert the tip of the applicator into your ear and press the button, and the wash will drain back out of your ear, along with excess wax, so you need to be sure to be over a basin of some kind to catch the liquid. Repeat the process in the other ear, and the can suggests you use this 3 times per week using 1-2 applications.
Be sure to keep this out of reach of children, and do note that the contents are under pressure, so don’t freeze or incinerate the can. Also, do not puncture the can either.


Well, I have rather mixed feelings about this stuff. I like the fact that the spray is a 360 degree spray and it will cover the whole inside of your ear canals, but I ended up using the whole can at one time because one of my ears felt blocked after using this once, so I had to repeat the process. To me, the solution that comes out of the can does not smell all that good, but it does not sting or damage the ear, so I guess it’s bearable. The can will become cold as you dispense the stuff, and the liquid that comes out of your ear will run back down the can, making your hands and the can wet, making a big mess. Also, be sure not to push the applicator button while it is not in your ear, because the spray gets everywhere!

As for the wax removing results, well, I could feel that the area right in the ear canal was much cleaner, but sometimes I have some rather nasty impacted wax, but I must not have had any because usually it will effect my hearing and I can feel the clog in my ear. So, I must say that this does the job of getting the excess wax out of the ear canal. Also, I'm happy to report I didn't make myself dizzy when I used this stuff.

But for me, G whiskers at the price! Almost $15 for a 3.3 oz. can, gosh! I used the whole can in one sitting, but I suppose if you bought this and used it regularly you might not have to use as much because it would prevent build up. But, the first can is going to be used to clean them out, and for my nasty ear canals it took the whole can.

I like this stuff but I don’t- yes it does work, but it is messy, it has a rather yucky smell to it, and the price! I would buy some again if I really needed it, but I hope Murine either goes down on the price or puts out some good coupons, because I feel the price is the biggest issue for such a small can- but if I needed it badly enough like I did this time, I would buy it.

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