Mwcbk Midwest 1530 iCrate 30 Inch L 19 Inch W 21 Inch H Single Door Home Training Travel Series (Midwest) Reviews

Mwcbk Midwest 1530 iCrate 30 Inch L 19 Inch W 21 Inch H Single Door Home Training Travel Series (Midwest)

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Good Crate for a non-destructive dog

Jan 12, 2013
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Pros:A good size, nice dimensions.
Good lock and hardware
Plastic tray is sturdy.

Cons:None!  Pleased with this purchase!

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this crate to any owner of a non-destructive, non-escape artist dog or puppy.  I

I have a six year old boglen terrier who weighs 26 pounds and is as strong as a bull.   She was able to destroy three crates like this and is now housed in a very sturdy, durable crate.  If you have a potentially strong or destructive breed or dog, look elsewhere.

We recently purchased a beautiful, sweet loving tri-colored Sheltie puppy to play with the boglen terrier and needed to buy a second crate.  After shopping at Petco and Petsmart and the like, the crates that would suit her were priced at just under $100.  I knew that I could do better so I started to do a bit of research and came across this crate. 

This crate only has one door.  I don't really know why you need two doors anyway.  She can only go in and out of them one at a time.  A similar crate that I was looking at was also nice but the door opened up, not like a book.  I thought that was a poor design.  Not everyone has the room to lift and hold up a door.  Why do I need to use two hands when I can just open the door like a book and it stays open? 

This crate is well put together, comes with a divider so it grows with your puppy and is somewhat sturdy.  AGAIN, not for a larger or strong breed.  It's fine for my Sheltie and other sweet mid sized dogs. 

The bar spacing is somewhat far apart.  Be careful using this for a very small puppy.  He or she will have no problem sticking her feet or even her head between the bars.  Other crates have bars that are closer together. 

My puppy loves her crate.  I was able to buy a small bed and put it in the front of the crate.  She grew a little and she's housebroken (at only 10 weeks, she's truly gifted!) and I removed the divider.  She goes in and sleeps in her bed along with all her toys.  There are no sharp edges on the crate, the door requires that you lift it a bit to slide the lock in but that's a good thing.  Smart dogs would be able to escape.  The hardware is good.  It was a pop open and it's set up.  It has a removable plastic tray that it also good quality. 

I really haven't found anything that I dislike about this crate and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. 

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