Jan 19, 2005
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Pros:Excellent way to begin associating pictures with words, spoken and written.

Cons:You will need a supply of 3M brand Scotch Tape

The Bottom Line: The bestest book for the long haul

Hello my loverlies, time for another review. Back to the kid stuff.

Today we will look into my kids (ages 2 and 2 does not equal 4) favorite book. All-time favorite. One that has stood the test of time and grime, spittle and schittle, wiggly wop. Our subject is MY FIRST 100 WORDS: A First Picture Word Book.

MY FIRST 100 WORDS is is 28 pages, including the front and back inside covers. The first and last page spreads are very important because they are fulled with drawn objects from throughout the rest of the book. It allows you to concentrate on separate objects with less distractions, when you get to the point that you might enjoy that.

The interior page spreads of MY FIRST 100 WORDS each show different scenes, drawn in a childish hand, with generally nice and inviting color schemes. Scene examples: breakfast; the zoo; downtown; the playground; the beach; the supermarket; bath time; bedtime; and a couple of others that I can only guess at because Gaspar The Ripper has torn all but the last page. Most are just partially torn. After over a year of heavy use, about have of the paper has survived. Fie to the makers of Chilean faux "Scotch" tape. Only 3M tape could have saved this in one piece. The fact that after all the abuse, this is my kids determined favorite is pretty indicative of the alluring presentation of colors and pictures, and the fact that they enjoy the multiple objects to pick out or to be pointed out to them for definition.

Each scene is filled, but not crowded with objects. Ten objects are drawn separately at the bottom of the page with the word written underneath. Words like teddy bear, book, moon, brother, boat, knife, bus, lutefisk, etc. are highlighted, but there are many other objects you can choose for yourself. This is what we call, in the business, interactive learning. You can spend a session simply identifying colors if you like. Many options.

My kids have benefited from the book. Of late, they have really begun to pick up on the words, sometimes both in English and Spanish. Note: This book is in English, but there are similar books out there that combine English with other languages. I presume those are focused toward an older readership.

The paper is semi-thick, semi-glossy. There are no pictures of semis in the book, nor do I see any semi-colons. If you have a semi-colon, does that portend future intestinal distress? I digressed, but you know I had to get that out of the way. The cover and binding are thick and sturdy.
The book is tall and wide. A little bigger than a business folder. It s lightweight and the corners aren t too sharp. The writing and pictures on the front cover are glossy and alluring with a medium blue background. The colors on the inside are of softer tones.

MY FIRST 100 WORDS has a KKI quotient* of 1 year , for 2 to 4 year olds. Not bad, I say.
* Keeps Kids Interested quotient

Parragon Publishing
4 Queen Street
Bath BA1 1HE, UK

ISBN 0-75257-767-0

Received as a gift from a caring uncle.

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